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The ‘go-to’ online beauty destination and our top 10 things to buy there…

14th December 2020

When His & Hers asked me to go window shopping with Next Beauty, it was a no-brainer for me. I am a huge fan of Next, which is fast becoming even more of a retail

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Food Safety During the Coronavirus – What You Need to Know

15th January 2021

According to a recent Global Nutrition Report, malnutrition is continuing to put hundreds of millions of people around the world at an increased risk of contracting the

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Combat the January Blues by Creating a Cosy Home

13th January 2021

Facing January is never easy. The festive period has ended, the temperature has dipped further, and your bank balance might still be recovering from your Christmas shopping.

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Meet some of the restauranteurs who continue to provide fine cuisine in the...

12th January 2021

At His & Hers, we have been ridiculously fortunate to meet some extraordinary people working in hospitality in the North West region. We wanted to highlight some of those

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4 Tips to Create a Stunning High-End Kitchen

11th January 2021

Forget about making do with a standard kitchen any longer. If you have the budget ready to go, it’s time to indulge in a spot of luxury and create a high-end kitchen. After

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The Best Outdoor Challenges in the UK

6th January 2021

A lot of people have felt inspired to get into the great outdoors recently. Not being able to travel abroad or even do much close to home has caused people to seek some fun

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5 of the Best Places in Liverpool to Satisfy Your Salt & Pepper...

5th January 2021

Who doesn’t love a proper salt and pepper meal? Whether ordering a takeaway or visiting a Chinese restaurant, salt and pepper cuisine has increased in popularity in recent

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