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Doll Beauty create limited edition T-shirts for Cavell Nurses’ Trust

29th May 2020

Throughout May, Doll Beauty have supported Cavell Nurses’ Trust in all of their charity activities, including their International Nurses day Video which featured

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Charity begins at home during Covid-19 pandemic

28th May 2020

We are moving towards retail shops opening up again and some schools taking in more children within the next few weeks. Just before we lift the lid, ever so slightly, it

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His & Hers Reviews: The Closer You Get by Mary Torjussen

26th May 2020

I don’t think there’s ever a bad time to pick up a good book, but at the time of writing, we’re two months into lockdown, and even the most cursory of glances at social

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Top tips for self-tanning during lockdown

22nd May 2020

Going anywhere nice this year? Not only is it a question that very few people can ask right now, we can’t even rely on our hairdressers to quiz us about possible holiday

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Liverpool’s popular Indian restaurant EastZEast delivers 1,000 curries a week during lockdown

22nd May 2020

Liverpool’s popular Indian restaurant EastZEast is delivering more than 1,000 curries a week to the city’s residents during lockdown. Located on King’s Dock, the

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Hospitality is coming home

21st May 2020

There are different ways of approaching the grocery shop during the pandemic. You can shop by stealth at 7am in the morning. You can attempt to order online from the big

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