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Ah, wedding season. A time of love, laughter and a whole lot of dancing. But unfortunately it’s also the time of wedding gift stress.

Buying a thoughtful wedding gift for the couple who has everything is a tricky business. Sure you can buy them something off their wedding gift registry. But that’s no fun, is it? They’re going to know what they got before they’ve even started unwrapping!

To start their lives together on an exciting note, gift the newlyweds with something that they haven’t even thought of. Here are eleven totally unexpected, but still totally thoughtful, wedding gifts.

  1. Board Game

wedding gifts 1

A must-have for any happy household is a quality stack of board games. Treat the newlyweds to the beginning of their game collection as husband and wife. A fun activity they can enjoy throughout their happy lives together, sitting down to a board game is actually good for a marriage too.

Not only is an elegant chess set an excuse for them to turn off the telly and use their brain once in a while, but it’ll also a great decor addition to their new home.

For something a bit cheekier, buy them a fun Marital Bliss Game. The competitive card game will have them both on secret missions throughout the week to win awesome rewards. After carrying groceries and cooking dinner, the winner can delight in their choice of special marital treats, from breakfast in bed to a shopping spree.

I recommend staying away from strategy games such as Monopoly. That might do more harm to their relationship than good.

  1. An Unusual Experience

wedding gifts 2

The perfect way to kick-start their life together, indulge the new Mr. and Mrs. with a totally unique activity the two of them can do together. Whether it’s a sexy molecular cocktail class or a private street art tour with an active graffiti artist, the possibilities for great unique gift experiences for couples are endless!

  1. Anniversary Wine Box

wedding gifts 3

A really special way to celebrate their future wedding anniversary, gift them with a handcrafted wooden anniversary wine box. Every year they can crack open a bottle of wine and cheers to another year of marital bliss.

  1. Travel Destination Map

wedding gifts 4

Throughout their lives they’re going to visit some amazing places together, starting off with the honeymoon.  As a fun memoir of where they’ve been and where they’d still like to go, buy them a travel destination map.

Hanging in their home, it’ll act as a constant reminder of how important a holiday together is.

  1. A Tandem Bike

wedding gifts 5

You know what they say – those who train together, stay together.

For a pair of active newlyweds, buy them a bicycle made for two. Whether they use it to keep fit or as a hopelessly romantic way to get around, it’ll be a great addition to the couples’ garage.

  1. Wedding Keepsake Box

wedding gifts 6

Their wedding day is going to be one of the most important days in their lives together. To remind them of how special their day was, gift them with a wedding keepsake box filled with mementos from their big day.

You can fill the box with everything from invitations and photographs, to a pressed flower from the bride’s bouquet. It’s a lot more original and special than your standard wedding album.

  1. A Camera

wedding gifts 7

Saying “I Do” is just the first of many special memories they’ll share together. To help them capture every special moment of their marriage, treat them to a high-quality camera.

If a top-notch camera is a little out of your price range, a good ol’ disposable camera is a fun wedding gift they can use on their honeymoon. There’s something particularly special and romantic about having photographs developed.

  1. His & Her Luggage

wedding gifts 8

If they’re lucky enough, their honeymoon is going to be just the beginning of many years of exploring the world together.

To make sure they always travel in style, buy the jet-setting couple a pair of luxury matching high-quality luggage. It’s something they’ll be using time and time again throughout their lives together.

  1. A Wishing Ball

wedding gifts 9

Let’s be honest – married life can get pretty hairy. There are mortgages to pay, groceries to buy and future little mouths to feed. With so much going on, spending some quality time doing the things they love ends up falling pretty far down on the list of priorities.

To remind them of their hopes and dreams, buy them a hand-blown glass wishing ball. A totally unique way to treasure their weekly wishes, it can also be used for the couples’ thoughts of gratitude.

No doubt the first grateful thought will be the awesome wedding gift they got from you.

  1. Honeymoon Gear

wedding gifts 10

After the stress of planning a wedding, they’re definitely going to need a relaxing honeymoon. To take some stress out of packing, find out where the happy couple is off to after the big day and surprise them with something they can use straight away.

If a beachy getaway is on the cards, treat them to a pair of matching luxury beach towels or some snorkelling equipment. Are they travelling to somewhere a bit colder? Buy them some a pair of snug matching him and her beanies. That’s some serious #CoupleGoalz.

  1. A Time Capsule

wedding gifts 11

A contemplative present that will bring joy for years to come, create a time capsule of magical memories for the happy couple. Filled with little goodies, give clear instructions that the box can only be opened on special anniversaries. Every one, five, ten or even twenty years, they’ll open the box to discover new treasures from the past.

Be Unique. Be You.

I know you want the very best for the happy couple. And I know you want your wedding gift to stand out from a pile of conventional kitchen appliances and linen.

There’s no need to spend tons of money on an extravagant gift to impress the newlyweds. The best way to show them how happy you are for them is with a bespoke gift chosen just for them. It’s often the simpler, more personalised gifts that mean so much more.

Just keep it original, thoughtful and most importantly unpredictable. I’m sure they’ll be over the moon.

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