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style for 2020

Cards on the table here. We love bringing the newness as much as the next magazine (which is frankly a lot). However, no matter how much you love shopping, no-one wants to get bogged down in the relentless pursuit of the new, because without your trusty repeat buys, you’d be stuck trying on jeans and submitting to beauty counter makeovers for the rest of your days (or at least for the rest of your lunch breaks). With no fairytale ending that involves settling down with ‘the one’ foundation, or pair of jeans, that you can simply re-purchase when you, or they, start looking a little frayed at the edges, in sight.

Sometimes, there’s a lot to be said for finding the brands and products that you love and stocking up on those style staples like they’re the only thing standing between you and an uncertain future that more than likely involves standing half in and half out of a pair of jeans that you can’t extricate yourself from in a changing room barely bigger than they are. However, whenever the His & Hers team thinks we’ve finally settled into a comfortable style rut, something twinkly and new tends to land in our inboxes to make us think again. Here are a few of the things we think are worth breaking your style habits for.

Actually, scrap that, before we begin, if you’re heading into 2020 with at least a few pairs of shoes that you love, it’s well worth looking after them, especially if, like most of our readers, you’re based in the UK where rain is always a possibility (or rather a probability). Just like good men, good shoes are hard to find, so if you wear suede shoes, invest in some hydrophobic suede protector. If you find a good spray, this can cover your shoes with a waterproof layer as the spray repels water, and for more helpful tips, go to Shoe Hero.

Invest in a fancy sweatshirt

We know, we know – 2020 is ideally the year in which you’ll be swanning off to locations so glamorous that they call for nothing more than a passport, a cocktail dress and some oversized sunglasses which you can peer over like a modern day Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. You won’t need sweatshirts where you’re going, you muse. Except if 2018, 2019, and, in fact, any of the other recent years are anything to go by, you really will. For all those times, like when you’re heading to the gym or to a yoga class, or enjoying a lazy Sunday, treat yourself to a really fancy version of this everyday item to make your leisurewear feel a bit more special. We love Gant’s plain sweatshirts – the most understated of everyday luxuries, and we think they look even nicer after they’ve been washed a few times and have become a new wardrobe staple.

Update your fragrance

Regular readers will know that the His & Hers team tends to stay loyal to a small number of fragrance brands (mentioning no names). However, we’ve recently been introduced to Maison Francis Kurkdjian’s Gentle Fluidity and we think that even if you discovered your signature fragrance years ago and have never looked back (except perhaps to inhale that delicious perfume as you spritz), you may want to get this scent on your radar. Featuring juniper berries, nutmeg, coriander, musks, ambery woods and vanilla, The Gentle Fluidity duo features the same notes for men and women. The His & Hers verdict is that this fragrance is subtle, beautifully layered, and feels so luxurious to wear. Also, you’re unlikely to bump into someone else wearing the same scent – perfect if you’re looking for a new signature fragrance that isn’t too mainstream, but which will turn heads for all the right reason.

Gentle Fluidity, style

Buy an investment lipstick

OK, we appreciate that you’d have a hard time convincing your accountant that a lipstick is, in fact, an investment, no matter how beautiful it is, or how compellingly you make your case, or, indeed how loosely we use the word investment. However, we reckon that after the era of the ‘It’ bag / shoes, there’s something to be said for spending a little more on something so small (plus, unlike the ‘It’ bags, we don’t think you can spend an amount equal to a month’s rent on a lipstick, so that’s an upside for the accountant!) We’d recommend anything by Tom Ford. Although you’ll find cheaper lipsticks aplenty, theirs are far kinder to your lips than any others that His & Hers has road tested over the years (meaning no dryness, no flaking and no patchy pigmentation). Plus, the shades are just beautiful and if you’re not above enjoying a Valentine’s cliché (and frankly, we’re not) they do His & Hers’ all time favourite shades of red – perfect for a Valentine’s date night.

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