2021 Gift Ideas To Get You Major Brownie Points

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Are you looking for a great gift for somebody special, but you’re not sure what to buy? Worry no more! This guide has plenty of gifts that will get you major brownie points. Before shopping, it might be useful to ask a few questions, or do some strategic digging. Does this person love gaming? Do they prefer to relax and practice self care? Considering what kind of person this is, and not just basing the gift idea off of their age or gender can be a good idea. Plenty of women love gaming these days, and lots of men are realizing the importance of self care! With that in mind, here are some 2021 gift ideas to get you major brownie points with your loved one:

  1. A Virtual Reality Headset

If you’ve got the money, a virtual reality headset could be the ideal gift for your loved one. They are pricey, but if you’re looking for an extravagant main present this could be it. Pretty great for anybody who loves gaming, a virtual reality headset really immerses you in the game. You need a fair amount of space to use it, however, as you don’t want to hit people or end up hurting yourself! That being said, if you’ve got the money and you know they have the space, this could be a gift that wins you major brownie points. 

  1. A Movie Projector
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Perhaps you’re buying a gift for a movie buff, or somebody who loves to make their own videos and movies to watch. A movie projector can be a great gift that inspires plenty of nostalgia. You can even purchase projectors for your iphone, ensuring you don’t need anything fancy to watch movies the old fashioned way. 

  1. An Eco-friendly Razor With Blades 

Maybe you want to buy this person something useful that will help to save them a lot of money. Both men and women can use eco-friendly razors! Eco-friendly razors are made of metal or wood, and often last a lifetime provided they are looked after and stored properly. Buying a box of blades for it will ensure the receiver won’t need to purchase any for a long time, and they can stop buying cheap plastic razors and disposable heads for good. Not only does this help them to save so much money in the long run (replaceable heads are expensive!) it’s so much better for the planet. Plastic razors and heads end up on landfills, and they aren’t great for wildlife either. By investing in an eco-friendly razor, you’re reducing the amount of waste you produce year on year, and it will make a difference. 

4. A Nice Drink 

You can’t go wrong with a nice drink to pour, sit back, and relax with. There are alcohol gift sets for every occasion out there, so you should always be able to find something that the receiver will like. 

5. A Plant

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Plants are a wonderful gift. They are beautiful, make us happy just by looking at them, and many of them even have health benefits! Picking one that is easy to look after can be a great choice for a beginner plant enthusiast – try a peace lily or a snake plant. Of course, if they are more of a seasoned professional, you could purchase something a little more tricky. 

6. A Special Edition of A Good Book

Does this person love to read? A special edition of a good book could be the way to go. Picking something that looks great on their coffee table or shelf will mean it doesn’t even matter if they don’t read it right away. 

7. A Spa Day

Who doesn’t deserve a day of total relaxation? Spa days are expensive, but they are so worth the feeling of renewed wellness you get when you return home. 

8. Tickets To A Show

Perhaps the person you are buying for prefers great experiences over material items. You could purchase tickets for a show: how about a theatre performance, or even the ballet? Failing that, a music lover might just love a ticket to a live gig. 

9. A Themed Hamper 

Hampers are great; you can either put one together yourself, or buy a pre-made one. There are all kinds of themes, too, from coffee all the way to mom-to-be hampers. 

10. A Weighted Blanket 

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Weighted blankets serve many purposes; they are super cosy, and are thought to help reduce anxiety. They can also be great for people with ASD, ADHD, and other neurotypical diagnosis’.

Which of these gifts are you going to look into?

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