3 Steps to Start Creating Your Dream Home Now

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Everyone likes to think that they will one day live in their dream home – a place like something out of a fairytale, where things are just the way you want them to be, and where you can really relax, put down roots, and enjoy circumstances for what they are.

Of course, if your dream home is a luxurious castle, and you simply won’t be satisfied with anything less, you might be waiting a long time before you get to experience that dream.

Thanks in part to services such as Redrow Homes, however, as well as the magic of taking small steps towards large goals, you can begin to experience some of the magic of your “dream home” now, if you’d like.

All it takes is a willingness to enjoy the journey, and keep your dream an ongoing goal.

Here are some steps to start creating your dream home, now.

Audit all your current belongings, and organise your home properly

One of the great things about visualising your dream home, is that in your imagination of that home, it’s almost certainly going to be a well-organised place, where you are in complete control of everything.

It’s unlikely that you imagine an environment that’s completely chaotic, with clutter all over the place.

In order to start moving your current surroundings closer to your dream home template, you need to audit all your current belongings, and organise your home properly. De-clutter, tidy up, and get rid of all the things that you own that don’t serve a particular purpose, or make you feel particularly positive or enthusiastic.

Once things are organised, and your belongings are pared down, you will have a lot more power over your environment, and it will be a lot easier to mould it.

Visualise your dream home in detail, and make a record of those details

The human imagination is an incredible tool – even if it often gets dismissed as something childish.

Think about it like this – every invention that you see around you, began as an image in someone’s imagination, first.

Imaginary things aren’t “fake” things. Often, they are the initial blueprints for things that will later be developed and brought into the physical world.

So, visualise your dream home in detail, and make a good record of all those details. Is there a particular colour scheme you really like? A particular type of ornament?

This stage is very important, as it generates the “material” that you’ll use later on.

Create an action plan for styling and arranging your home to fit your template – then get started ticking items off the list

It’s one thing to have an idea of what you want to achieve, and it’s another thing entirely to actually create an action plan for achieving that dream.

Make a list of all the different components that contribute to your dream home vision, as it stands today.

Use a system that works for you, to record these components as bullet point checklist items under a series of overarching “project” banners. There are all sorts of digital and paper-based tools that might be useful for this purpose.

Once you’ve got this “action plan” in place, get started ticking items off the list whenever you can manage it. You’ll find that certain things are easier to do here and now, and others will need to wait a while. That’s fine, just do something.

We’re very proud to bring you this feature in association with Redrow Homes, Dunelm and Paperchase. For more tips on creating your dream home, pay a visit to our interiors page.

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