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multi-purpose kitchen


The kitchen has become the most important room in the house for a lot of families. It’s a place for preparing and eating food as well as a communal space for spending time together. That’s why it’s often the first priority when it comes to decorating the house. The cost of doing the kitchen can quickly spiral out of control if you don’t limit yourself but you can’t cut costs too much, otherwise, you’ll end up making too many sacrifices. To help you get the balance just right, these are the 4 ingredients you need to create the perfect kitchen.

multi-purpose kitchen

The Work Triangle:

The work triangle is a concept that is used to help you pin down the layout of your kitchen. You need to make sure that the kitchen is organised in such a way that you can easily cook and serve food. If you don’t put things in the right place, you’re just making things hard for yourself. The work triangle refers to the worktop space, the oven and the fridge. You need to create a triangle between the 3 so they’re all an equal distance from one another. That way, you won’t be crossing the kitchen to get things that you need.

Proper Appliances:

Even though you want the kitchen to be a great communal space, you need to put functionality first. That means getting the right equipment. If you don’t have a good oven and refrigerator etc. cooking will be a pain. There are plenty of places to get good appliances with DID the pick of the bunch for large appliances. They’re fantastic for all the important stuff. When you’re choosing appliances, you should be looking at the energy efficiency. If you’re getting appliances that use loads of energy then your gas and electricity bills will soon shoot up.

Seating Area:

If you have a separate dining area then you don’t need to worry too much about a large space for the whole family to eat. If not, you should make space for a dining area in the kitchen itself. In a large open plan kitchen you’ve got the room for a breakfast bar in the middle with a couple of stools around it. It’s the perfect thing for casual dining as well as socialising in the kitchen. Alternatively, you could put a full dining table in; you’ll have some more space for eating but the space isn’t as versatile as a breakfast bar.


Lighting is one of the best ways to change the atmosphere of a room which is important when you’re trying to create a versatile multi-functional space. Putting a dimmer in means you can have low light in the evenings if you’re entertaining guests. It’s also a good idea to put some smaller separate lights in around the cooker and the worktops so you can see what you’re doing when you’re preparing food.

These are the 4 ingredients that any good kitchen needs. Get those right and you’re well on the way to the amazing kitchen of your dreams.

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