5 classic men’s haircuts that will always be in vogue

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As exciting as it was to be able to dine out and enjoy a pint on Super Saturday, many men were most excited about finally having a haircut. It had been months since barbers were last open, and eager customers seemed happy to queue in the wind and rain if it meant they could have a fresh trim. However, if you haven’t had time or have struggled to get an appointment so far, you still have time to prepare. And as this could be one of the most memorable haircuts of your life, how about mixing things up? It’s the perfect time to try something new and these timeless styles are all great options.

1. The relaxed curl

Dishevelled curls are seriously in style thanks to celebrities like Kit Harrington, Timothée Chalamet and Harry Styles, and it’s a great way to add volume and body into your hair without it looking overdone. This is easy if you have natural curls, but if not, you can still copy the look by having a perm. London-based salon owner Karine Jackson told Salon Gold that she now markets her team as “perm experts” and has attracted plenty of new clients as a result. It’s important to bear in mind that curly hair tends to be drier than straight as the natural oils from the scalp are less likely to travel down the full length of the hair. Therefore, drying styling products — like those with high alcohol content — should be avoided, and you should try not to wash your locks more than twice a week. Moisturising creams and conditioners can nourish and help you maintain healthy curls.

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2. The buzz cut

The buzz cut is one of the most low maintenance hairstyles out there, making it a great choice if you want to minimise grooming time. These are short cuts usually involving clippers, but this doesn’t necessarily mean shaving your whole head. Buzz cuts are much more versatile than you might think, so you could go for a fade like Frank Ocean or try Taron Egerton’s Ivy League look if you don’t want to lose too much hair. A good barber will know which style will best complement your face shape and features. Though buzz cuts require next to no daily styling, you will need to get regular trims to maintain the short length.

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3. The quiff

Flaunted by the likes of Elvis, James Dean and David Beckham, a quiff is not a haircut you choose if you want to blend into a crowd. “As a style, it has always represented rebellion, and it screams confidence,” salon owner ReeRee Rockette explained to Fashion Beans. “It’s a hairstyle that literally takes up more space, so it makes you stand out and gets you noticed.” The quiff is most flattering if you have a round face as the height will help elongate it, though a top barber should be able to make the cut work for you even if your face is longer and thinner. However, hair that is excessively curly, frizzy or fine can be tricky to mould into this particular style. And of course, you’ll have to spend a lot more time getting ready as quiffs need to be blow dried with a round brush and held in place with pastes, pomades and hairspray.

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4. The side parting

A side parting creates a suave look that can be either soft and natural or more pronounced and heavily styled. Your barber will be able to determine where your parting will look best by looking at the direction your hair naturally grows, but check they have made the line slightly diagonal – you may look like you’re wearing a wig with a poker straight parting. There are lots of different ways to wear a side parting so you can be sleek and professional one day, and casual and textured the next. The Mad Men haircut is popular with those who want a cool classic look, using either Brylcreem, pomade or gel to achieve the retro hold and shine. Using a little wax or mousse will leave you with a matte, less defined finish.

5. The French crop

The French crop is one of the most universally flattering men’s haircuts. As All Things Hair explains, it can add texture to straight hair, accentuate curls, remove weight from very thick hair, and conceal a receding hairline! This style usually has a fade or an undercut but with length on top of the head, and a fringe that either hangs over the forehead or is slicked back. It’s important that you consider how much texture you want, and ask your barber for a point cut for volume or a blunt cut for a flat and tidy appearance. As you won’t have too much hair to work with, it shouldn’t take you long to style either.

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