5 Classy Ways to Give Your Office a Modern and Contemporary Look

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Whether you work from home and only employ yourself or you’re an interior designer responsible for updating a drab office, a new look can improve productivity. Old and broken furniture isn’t the only risk to productivity. A good solid but old desk and comfortable, but well-worn chair can be depressing and lower office staff moods. A low mood means decreased productivity and daydreaming of being anywhere else.

New Reception Desk

Staff might be used to seeing the same old dingy reception desk when they arrive in the morning. The receptionist might have unspoken complaints about squeaky drawers but tolerate it. The drab desk isn’t going to impress office visitors or potential new employees. A gloss reception desk can even improve staff morale. Attracting the best talent becomes easier with an inviting reception area. Walking into an out-of-date reception area is bad for business.

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A chair is more than a chair in an office. It is somewhere either yourself or your employees are going to be spending a good portion of their day. If you are buying chairs, you don’t want a lot of employees signed off work with back, shoulder and neck complaints. This costs the company money. If you are self-employed, you need to move away from the dining table and really invest in something to support your back. Invest in chairs that support posture for health, productivity and office aesthetics. A pretty office tends to have higher productivity than something drab and out-dated.

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Hide the Cables

There’s nothing more unsightly than cables dangling off desks. These can be dangerous too as a tripping hazard if they wander too far and the area sees a lot of foot traffic. A flexible cable spine can tuck those cables away creating a calmer office aesthetic and a safer place to walk.

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Storage Solutions

Filing cabinets aren’t obsolete. Important documents sometimes need to be saved in paper format, even now in the digital age. That doesn’t mean your office should be utilising the same filing cabinets it bought way back in the 1980s. Times have changed. With the changing times, the amount of hard copies requiring storage has dwindled. A new, modern finish filing cabinet will free up space for a lighter and airy office.



Tables are everywhere whether your work from your sofa at home or in a large office. Tables take up so much space that old tables will bring down the feel of a recently redecorated office. Not every table can be disguised with a cloth. In some offices, table clothes present a health and safety hazard. New tables can alter the entire aesthetic of an office without changing anything else. A new table can present a pleasant workspace or conference room. It is an item people are going to spend a lot of time looking at.

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A pleasant office atmosphere is more than air purifying plants and a water cooler. Investing in office furniture pays off with increased productivity.

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