5 Inexpensive Hacks To Always Keep Your Apartment Clean

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Cleaning frequently used surfaces in your home (from kitchen countertops to the bathroom sink) can help to keep you and your loved ones healthy, and can also lift your mood when you look around and see a clean and orderly space. So naturally, you will clean your living spaces regularly. However, organic cleaning agents are costly for everyday use. As a result, improvising cleaning and refreshing home options will come in handy.

You can easily and quickly make some of the simple cleaning solutions below. The ingredients are items that are easily accessible and affordable, such as baking soda. Therefore, you will face little to no challenge acquiring these items in your nearest supermarket or shop.

Fundamentally, your house is clean if you uphold regular rubbish removal. Aside from that, you can include the following:

Use Water and Vinegar

homemade cleaning products

Vinegar is acidic and, therefore, kills bacteria, removes dirt, and grime from your surfaces. However, you add water to vinegar so it’s not too harsh for delicate surfaces like your wooden floors.

This solution is quite popular, and you will not be the first to use it; its effectiveness goes beyond years. Note that the ratio of the water to vinegar is 50:50.

Moreover, this solution is perfect for windows, countertops, stainless steel surfaces, and burnt pans. The temperature you add to the vinegar will differ depending on how stubborn the stains or dirt are.

Use Coffee Filters As Dusters

coffee filters

Whenever you dust your computer and television screen, you generate static energy. This energy attracts more dust, making your work futile. Coffee filters, on the other hand, will save you from this headache because they are lint-free.

Furthermore, you will dust your surfaces effortlessly since coffee filters are a magnet for dust particles. You will hardly find any dust on your television or laptop screen after using coffee filters.

Use Baking Soda Paste for Your Oven


Grime is likely to build up in your oven with every use. Therefore, to avoid a thick layer and possible food poisoning, it is best to clean your oven frequently. However, the stove is a delicate and expensive possession in your home. Therefore, coating it with baking soda paste will dissolve all the dirt overnight.

In the morning, use a few splashes of water and vinegar to wipe off all the grease. However, be cautious not to soak the oven with water when wiping it. Excessive moisture might cost you in the long run due to possible rusty surfaces.

Make Air Freshener From Spices


Simple ingredients like lemons, rosemary, and mint that you may have at your disposal can save you from embarrassment. Your clean house should smell great as well; whenever you cannot get your hands on a commercially sold one, learn how to make a spices’ air freshener and spray it around the house. 

Furthermore, if you have allergic rhinitis, this is an excellent alternative to chemical fresheners.

Adopt Simple DIY Tips From the Internet

woman with laptop & 'phone

For instance, did you know you can refresh your fridge with a piece of coal from the fireplace or ground coffee? In addition, you can wash crayon marks off the wall with mayonnaise. Finally, the most mind-blowing of all, adding a mint leaf into your detergent can act as a fabric freshener. There are endless artistic and innovative tips you can find online to keep you busy in lockdown.

Final Thoughts

Cleanliness should not be a reason for anxiety and stress in your house. In fact, the more you use the above tips, the better you’ll become at staying on top of everyday cleaning chores. Who knows? You might come up with personal hacks that could save others a lot of money and time.

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