5 of the Best Places in Liverpool to Satisfy Your Salt & Pepper Cravings

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KMC salt & pepper seasoning

Who doesn’t love a proper salt and pepper meal? Whether ordering a takeaway or visiting a Chinese restaurant, salt and pepper cuisine has increased in popularity in recent years, especially in cities such as Liverpool. In fact, there are now places entirely dedicated to serving salt and pepper dishes, and many cafes and restaurants have even started selling their own munchie boxes!

When it comes to this type of cuisine, it’s all about the seasoning and a host of spicy ingredients. The key to a perfect salt and pepper meal is something that gives a bit of a unique kick and delivers an explosion of flavours. If you can’t handle the heat, then it’s just not for you! Salt and pepper seasoning is, without a doubt, the prime ingredient and it adds a whole different edge to your classic dishes. Salt and pepper food is brilliant any time of the week, but it is especially perfect for cosy nights in or a cure to the typical hangover!

salt & pepper seasoning

KMC Seasoning is the pioneer behind the salt and pepper seasoning craze. In most local supermarkets and butchers you visit, you will likely come across this product. And while you may not know it, KMC Seasoning can also often be found in your favourite dishes from local Chinese restaurants and takeaways.

We have teamed up with KMC Seasoning to provide an article which looks at five of the best places in Liverpool to satisfy your salt and pepper cravings whether you’re after classic meals with a spicy twist or a salt and pepper munchie box to get your fix.

Maggie Fu

Let’s start with one of the newest and fastest-growing Asian restaurants in Liverpool… Maggie Fu! Having only opened in 2018, Maggie Fu has surfaced as a must-visit destination on Smithdown Road. While it is a family-owned, independent restaurant, popularity has soared so much that they are now looking to open up a new restaurant in the city centre. In recent months, with locals looking for something to take their mind off lockdown restrictions, queues have lasted as long as two hours!

Maggie Fu prides itself on dishing out tasty Asian street food based on recipes that have been passed down from generations. The chefs boast expert culinary skills, and with an open plan kitchen, guests can watch their food being prepared right in front of them. The restaurant is known for having a relaxing and friendly atmosphere so is suitable whether catching up with friends or treating the family to Asian cuisine. There really is a wide range of dishes to satisfy all tastes with a speciality in salt and pepper cuisine. Salt and pepper favourites that you can enjoy including the much-loved salt and pepper chips, salt and pepper chicken, salt and pepper king prawns, and much more! You can also build your own ramen bowl and enjoy a roasted meal of your choosing. Of course, it wouldn’t be an Asian restaurant with curries, noodle dishes and stir fried dishes – all of which are on the menu.

Golden City Speke

In the south of the city is Golden City, a Chinese takeaway that is known by locals for its quality, presentation and tasty Chinese food. It may be based in Speke, but scousers from all over Liverpool flock to Golden City so that they can enjoy food like no other. The takeaway itself promises to deliver ‘delicious, freshly cooked food straight to your door’. If you don’t see something that you like on the menu, they even encourage you to request something that is more to your taste, and the chef will then try their best to prepare it just for you.

There are the usual Chinese dishes available to order and an exhaustive range of salt and pepper meals such as chips, cheesy chips, chicken wings, king prawns, fish, chow mein, donner meat, and so on. Golden City certainly knows how to satisfy the salt and pepper crowd! Better yet, this takeaway is perhaps most well known for their much-loved Munchie Box. This box is heaven for salt and pepper foodies and is bound to send you into a food coma. The Munchie Box is available from £8 to £16 with five different variations for one or two people. It comes with an assortment of salt and pepper dishes in one delicious box, including siu mai, chicken wings, rigs, niggets, chicken pieces, chips, spring rolls, onion rings, and curry samosas – so much variety to choose from!

Push It Real Good Street Food

Next up is one of the best places in the city for salt and pepper treats, and they are a confirmed user of KMC salt and pepper seasoning! Push It Real Good Street Food only opened up last year, and it is believed to be Liverpool’s very first café that is fully dedicated to salt and pepper meals. So for a complete salt and pepper offering, you know to head to this takeaway in Old Swan!

On the menu is just about every delicious salt and pepper meal that you could ever want, even things that you perhaps never considered to go well with this type of seasoning. As we’ve already mentioned, a simple dash of salt and pepper seasoning can completely alter a classic meal, providing it with extra taste and spice. There are options like salt and pepper chicken pieces, burgers, wraps and halloumi. Not to mention there’s also a vegan fritter option which includes deep-fried cauliflower and broccoli. This Christmas they even ran a special menu comprising of items like salt and pepper roasted carrot and parsnip, pork stuffing balls, and much more! This really is the definitive place for anyone who likes salt and pepper food.

The Food Station & Mr Shakes

The name may not sound particularly attractive or inventive, but make no mistake about it, this Kirby business is right up there whenever you ask someone about their favourite salt and pepper takeaway. The Food Station & Mr Shakes can be delivered straight to your door, or you can order for collection. The food mention has a variety of options, including half chips, salt and pepper chicken and seasoning all over. The ‘Mr Shakes’ side of the business offers a range of sweet desserts and milkshakes for afters, that’s if you can handle them after a hefty salt and pepper dish! There are brownies and waffles, each of which can be designed with a combination of flavours, and a selection of milkshakes including Mars, Oreo, Bueno, you name it! If that’s not enough, there’s also an extensive range of cooking dough and cookie dough sandwiches.

But of course, this article is not about sweet treats, but rather spicy food! The Food Station is another takeaway that is known for its salt and pepper boxes. You just have to try the Ultimate Box if you can handle it. This box comes with several salt and pepper favourites as well as chips, choice of two drinks and two dips.

K.C. Fish & Chips

Last of all, but certainly not least, is this local fish and chips takeaway based on Moss Lane in the Orrel Park area of Liverpool. This is your traditional chippy that several all the best Chinese meals you know and love, but with the addition of what they are most known for… salt and pepper munchie boxes!

There are two types of Munchie Boxes that you can choose at K.C. Fish & Chips. The smallest option comes in the form of an 8” pizza box and includes salt and pepper chips, chicken nuggets, chicken balls, siu mai, vegetable spring rolls, onion rings, and a can of Pepsi. The 12” box features mouth-watering items like noodles, fried rice, salt and pepper chips, two cans of Pepsi, and three options of salt and pepper chicken balls, shredded chicken, ribs, chicken wings, or beef.

salt & pepper seasoning 1

We’re very proud to bring you this feature in association with KMC Seasoning.

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