5 Ways to upgrade your shower room

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The shower room is often an overlooked room in the house. It shouldn’t be as it is the room that gets you fully awake for a day’s work and reinvigorates you after a good workout. With these five tips, you can effectively transform your shower room into a brighter, more sophisticated space that is an asset to your whole home and a design feature in itself.

1.    Use bright shower tiles for a touch of style and sophistication

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Gone are the days when a shower room had to simply be a rectangular cabinet with generic white tiles. Today most tile manufacturers and bathroom showrooms offer a huge range of designs and sizes for every space and budget. Use statement tiles to create your own bespoke design, and immediately the white space is transformed into something more tasteful and eye-catching.

2.    Add in storage space without trays

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For a touch of style, why not forget about having your shampoos and shower gels sitting on that metal rack attached to the wall? Recessed nooks and shelves that are built into the design of the shower room look far more attractive to the eye and add extra dimension to what could easily just be another rectangular space. Take a look here for some more storage ideas.

3.    Ensure your main shower components are high quality and stylish

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There is little point in upgrading your showering space with improved designs if the shower components themselves are not to the same standard. In fact, it would be quite foolish to budget for style alone and not long-term functionality. Clearly, it makes perfect sense to continue the improvements to the core features of the shower, and as such you should consider the Crosswater Mpro range of shower taps heads and components. With high-quality functionality and stylish design, these components come highly recommended and will ensure that the upgrades installed will last for many years to come and every shower is a pleasure to truly enjoy.

4.    Consider Upgrading your shower room to a wet room

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By changing your shower space to a wet room, you can truly make your shower room a breath-taking centrepiece, wherever it is situated. With an open plan shower, a recessed floor, and exquisite tiling, a wet room is an upgrade unlike any other. In terms of DIY jobs, this would rank as requiring a good knowledge of building and plumbing skills, so if you feel that a task such as this is beyond your skill level, then it would be wise to leave this job to a qualified professional.

5.    Think about removing the bath

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If you find that your current bath is rarely used and that the shower is the “go-to” for your daily routine, then it makes sense to consider removing it altogether. Not only will you free up a large amount of space and have more room to design your showering area, but you will also save money on your utility bills, as showers are far more efficient in terms of water consumption.

In conclusion

Hopefully, these tips can serve as a starting point for your journey into transforming your shower from a simple utility into an inspiring and relaxing centrepiece.

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