6 Bathroom Ideas You Shouldn’t Overlook

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bathroom ideas

A luxurious bathroom will not only allow you to indulge in utter relaxation, but it can also complement your home’s interior and could add some value to your property.

If the space is in much need of some TLC, there are various improvements you could make to create an opulent, tranquil, and functional space. To create a safe haven away from the rest of the home, here are six bathroom ideas that you shouldn’t overlook.

1.Update Your Fixtures

Changing little details can turn a drab bathroom interior into a beautiful oasis. For example, you could make a big difference to its design by updating your light fixtures, switching your sink or by installing a stylish heated towel rail.

2.Replace Your Grout and Caulk

Grout and caulk can appear grimy and unsightly over time. If your bathroom is looking a little worn, it could help to replace the grout in your tiles and to add clean, straight caulk lines around your sink and bathtub. It is a small update that will not break the bank, but it can instantly make your bathroom appear fresh and hygienic.

3.Create a Gorgeous Feature Wall

Make a feature of a wall within your bathroom by installing antique mirror glass. There are various styles and finishes to choose from to complement your interior and taste, such as marbled, speckled, and Tuscana. It is a decorative, practical feature that will help your bathroom to ooze both style and luxury.

4.Showcase Your Personality with Graphic Flooring

While you might want your bathroom furniture to remain simple and neutral to create a tranquil space, you can still have a bit more fun with your flooring. Add texture and personality into the space by incorporating a graphic floor into the room, which can make it appear stylish, modern, and filled with character.

5.Improve Your Bathroom Lighting

Most bathrooms feature limited windows to maintain a resident’s privacy, which is why it is essential to incorporate excellent lighting into the design. If you are set to embark on a bathroom remodel, you should consider tweaking or changing your lighting to improve the room’s mood and functionality.

For example, you could install a dimmer light to set the perfect atmosphere. It might also be beneficial to install a light above a shower, which can improve safety and can provide a more pleasant bathing experience. Another option is to add recessed lighting around a mirror, so you can apply makeup, brush your hair, or shave with ease.

6.Create a Spa-Like Environment

There are many ways you can turn your bathroom into a luxury spa, which will encourage some relaxation after a busy day in the home or at work. For example, you should add crisp white towels onto a heated rail and also place beautifully scented candles around your bath. You also should treat your guests to a high-end soap, and you can spoil your body from head to toe with luxury body wash, moisturiser, shampoo, and conditioner.

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