8 Items Of Clothing That Never Go Out Of Style

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Sometimes, clothing trends will come and go. What may be hugely popular one year, may sit gathering dust in your wardrobe the next. However, there are some things that truly never go out of style and as a result, should become your wardrobe staples!

With that in mind, here are some items of clothing that will always be fashionable.

  1. A Little Black Dress

Inspired by Coco Chanel, black dresses became one of the staple fashion items of the century and were quickly popularised by celebrities and style-savvy women across the world.  Comfortable, versatile and effortlessly chic, there are plenty of reasons why you need a black dress in your wardrobe. They can be worn for just about any occasion – and are easy to dress up or down depending upon the accessories you pair them with and you can find a dress that matches your personal style. In the winter months, they even look cute with a pair of tights.

little black dress

2. A plain white T-shirt

Although this may seem a little boring, a white T-shirt is a must-have item in your wardrobe – due to the simple fact that they can be paired with just about anything. A skirt, a pair of jeans, pants, a pair of shorts – you name it. They are perfect for dressing down, but can also be styled for more formal events by pairing them with black pants and sophisticated accessories. In fact, you might want to have more than one white tee in your wardrobe, just in case!

white t-shirt

3. Blazers

Blazers were particularly popular in the 70s, but have continued to help you make a statement when you step outside of the house, due to their sleek, stylish design.  Whether you use them to give your outfit a professional finish, or purchase an oversized blazer to wear as a dress for a night out – they are always great to have on hand. 

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4. Oversized cardigans / jumpers

As it gets colder, we’re all getting ready to bring our favourite knitted jumpers out from the back of our wardrobes. Whether you bought your jumper online, from a charity shop, or are even sporting a number knitted by your gran – one thing is clear – knitted cardigans and jumpers are never going to go out of style. When choosing a new piece of knitwear, opt for colours that you can pair easily with others, such as black, grey and white.

5. Chunky boots

A good quality pair of boots will last you several years, and you don’t need to worry about them falling out of fashion. Whether you wear them over a pair of jeans for a coffee date or style them with a dress when the sun is shining, chunky boots are always going to leave a lasting impression on those around you, as well as giving you some extra height. If you find walking in heels difficult, choose a boot with a thicker heel that will offer more support.

6. A denim / leather jacket

A high-quality denim or leather jacket is going to be expensive, but it is important to remember that it will last you a long time. As a result, you should treat it as a necessary wardrobe investment. Don’t be afraid to splash out when getting your hands on one, especially if it is vintage. Again, they are highly versatile meaning they can be paired with a wide range of clothes and styles.

7: A good pair of jeans

Jeans are another item of clothing that are not going anywhere in a hurry – though the exact style may change over time. Nevertheless, you should take the time to find the perfect style of jeans for you and your body. There are plenty to choose from – from skinny to mom jeans, so it is essential that you take the time to find which jeans you find most comfortable. Once you find THE pair of jeans, you’ll never want to look back!

8: Midi-Skirts

Midi-skirts are yet another clothing item that you see again and again each year. Perfect for spring and summer, they are more conservative than a mini skirt, and often available in a range of colours and designs. Don’t be afraid to go for a bold or creative print when purchasing a midi-skirt, especially as you can pair it with a more subtle top or blouse to allow it to truly shine.

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