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Koop, a new restaurant for liverpool



Koop offers, quarter, half or whole rotisserie chicken, steak burgers, avocado & quinoa salad (amongst others) and a flamed grill menu that includes sirloin steak. It’s all very cleverly done because the menu looks deceptively compact, but there is a rich vein of options to dip into.

We began with a lite bite: hummus drizzled with Peri Peri oil alongside pitta bread: one of my companions chose a Mars Attack shake that made for an interesting mix. I was happily sipping ginger beer in a chicken joint that has a retro feel. It could have been situated on the Lower East Side, Manhattan (somewhere between the Bowery and the East River). The décor is simply done: painted white tiled walls and plain wooden tables. It’s a friendly place to relax in, the food turned out to be impressive (the hummus was a delicious starter) and the prices are modest.

I’d chosen a chicken Caesar salad, the chicken had a subtle, old fashioned flavour and the dressing was rich, piquant and plentiful. A charming Italian, staff member, offered the opinion that the Mars attack shake was more of a dessert option, undeterred, my companion still clutching his shake had ordered half a chicken with fries, and he loved the spicy flavours. My other companion’s choice was butterfly chicken with garlic and herbs (less spicy but rich flavour). And then there’s the sides: home-made coleslaw, grilled corn on the cob, sweet potato wedges and Peri Peri fries, and much more. There really must be something for almost everyone (there are vegetarian salad options). It was great fun, with a bustling chatty atmosphere. I’ve studied the menu, and it has been lovingly put together, and the food delivers. Bold Street is becoming a restaurant Nirvana.

Words: Jean Hill


0151 3453060

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