A quick guide to Blackjack terminology – A to D

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Whether you’ve dabbled online on a casino provider site, or in person down at your local casino establishment, there are a few words and phrases that are thrown around the Blackjack table that you may not have heard before – or have heard but are unsure as to what they mean.

To diffuse any confusion about what these words or phrases mean, we thought it’d be a good idea to give you a quick guide through some of the Blackjack terminologies found – from A to D.

This way, you’ll be prepared for the next time you may come across them when playing a game or two of live Blackjack, either online or in person.

Up for a quick guide? Scroll if you answered yes.


When seated at the Blackjack table, whether this be online or in person, the last player to act before the dealer is also known as the Anchorman.


This is what’s known as the money you have available to wager with. This is not to be confused with your total cash available, only the money you’re willing to wager in a casino venue or online site.


Not only is this the name of the game, but also the name that’s given to the perfect hand dealt, which equals 21 with just two cards. Most hands that total 21 are made from an Ace and a picture card, such as a Jack.

Burn Card

Before the game commences, the dealer will place the first card to one side, face down. This is known as a burn card. By putting the top card to one side and ‘burning’ it, it makes it impossible for the dealer or the player to know what the first card is going to be. This stops anyone from trying to count cards.


One word we hope never applies to you, or any player. If you hear the word bust, it means you’ve run out of money.

Cold Deck

If the shoe, the name given to the box that holds all the shuffled cards, is dishing out awful cards and causing players to lose so much, it’s known as a cold deck.

Colour Up

If your chips are of low decimal, and you’d like to exchange them for higher-valued chips, you can ask the dealer to colour you up.

Cut Card

When a new shoe is introduced to the table, the dealer will ask one of the players around the table to cut the deck with a card. The card will signal when action is required when that shoe finishes and a new shoe is required for the table.


All cards from previous games will have been placed in a pile to one side, waiting for the shoe to come to an end by finding the cut card. When a new shoe is needed, the used cards will be reshuffled and reused for new and future games.

Now you know some of the Blackjack lingo, will you be using any in your next game?

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