A taste of Morocco at the Kasbah in Bold Street

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It has been a while. Here at His & Hers, we love to enjoy good food and spread the word. We are enjoying being back out there, and bringing our lovely readers a review of a rather beautiful and exotic restaurant in Liverpool.

WORDS: Jean Hill

The frontage dazzled and a smiling staffer beckoned us in. Moroccan hospitality is legendary and this is a beautiful space that promises a glimpse of Morocco and Moroccan cuisine. Small details make all the difference: vintage miniature tiles beguile the eye. The décor is a balance: delicate mint green walls, lead the eye on to lush hanging baskets and beautiful Moroccan lanterns. The plush velvet seating is a bright contrast, comfortable and relaxing.

Kasbah 1

We were greeted by Penny, who looked after us (very well indeed) and told us a little bit about the restaurant and the cuisine. There is a Moroccan chef, who makes delicious sauces by taste and has skills acquired over years of diligent practice. Food was enticingly lined up behind the glass counter space: and it was hard to resist the temptation to try everything.

We took advice from Penny who recommended Mezze to start, complete with a Moroccan platter which was a delight. The king prawns, with a zingy dip, were succulent with just the right amount of bite. Briouat Lala Zhour turned out to be ultra-fine, delicate filo pastry with smooth, rich (haloumi tasting) cheese with sweet tomato and chilli chutney and it tastes as good as it sounds. The cheese oozed flavour and melted in the mouth. The platter comprised hummus that was fresh and creamy, with a smooth, rich flavour. Then there were: Moroccan spinach, great olives, courgette, vegan Shakshouka (poached egg in tomato sauce with goat’s cheese) and Moroccan bread. The bread had a lightness with a snap and crispness that is definitely Moorish (moreish)!

We were recommended the Tagine de Fez. This comprised: lamb, saffron, Moroccan spices, caramelised prunes (gorgeous with honey undertones) roasted almonds and apricots. The lamb fell off the bone, and had a traditional, old fashioned ‘sweetish’ flavour. We tried Tagine de Zagora which involved perfectly formed lamb meat-balls, and an inspired tomato sauce with herbs and spices, that perfectly complemented the meat balls, with a baked egg atop. This is a Moroccan chef who really knows how to cook up a storm.

The Kasbah does not serve alcohol, yet their mock-tails more than make up for this. I opted for mango, mint and ice combo (a mojito that has a mango hit and really refreshes). There was Baklava to follow, if there had been any capacity!  We loved the Moroccan lanterns, all subtly different, some with delicate leaded lights.

It is a venue we would be really happy to get better acquainted with. There seems to be a furniture sale thing going on too, and I would have been very happy to leave with one of those beautiful Moroccan lanterns.


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