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As a former interior design magazine editor, I’ve been writing about interiors for even longer than I’ve been writing about fashion, and one rule holds true for me for both – unless you really love a trend, it’s absolutely fine to let it pass you by. Whether we’re talking about your home or your outfit, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable in it. Personally, I’ve let plenty of recent design trends fall by the wayside, but I haven’t been able to resist the subtle nod to Moroccan style which has been edging its way into our homes in recent years.

Moroccan influence 1

So when I was given the opportunity to work with Land of Rugs, and pick my favourite rug to feature on the website, the obvious thing to do would have been to search under ‘Moroccan rugs’ and let the good times roll. Instead, I found myself checking out every single rug on the website (and, as you would expect with a company name like Land of Rugs, we’re talking about a lot of rugs here).

Moroccan influence 2

After spending longer than I care to admit perusing rugs, my eye was caught by this Arabesque wool rug in classic slate grey and cream tones. I chose the smallest size to add some texture and pattern in my living room, but several larger sizes are also available, and this rug can also be ordered as a long hall runner or in a bespoke size made specifically to suit your layout. You’ll find it in several different colourways, too, and although I’m writing this during a mini heatwave in the UK, I’m still very impressed by the thick woollen pile which feels lovely under-foot whatever the weather.

Moroccan influence 3

As you can probably sense from the above picture, there’s rather a lot of white space in my home. I like to keep things simple, but ideally not so simple that it looks like I’ve started off with a blank canvas and then de-cluttered said canvas. I think that no matter how much you love a good neutral backdrop, adding a piece like this rug adds a touch of cosiness, taking the look from show home to real home.

I still struggle to break my habit of buying all of my clothes in black and anything for the home in neutrals, though, and even choosing this patterned rug took me a little out of my comfort zone. If you also hesitate over choosing pattern for your home, I’d start with a smallish piece like this. I also feel that the way the grey has variegated tones softens down the contrast between the grey and the cream, ahem, because everyone knows what a wild colour combo that can be. Did I happen to mention that my tastes are pretty classic?

Moroccan influence 4

I also think that if you want to give a subtle nod to the Moroccan interiors trend in a way that suits our climate, architectural style and light levels, this rug ticks all the boxes. Plus it’s sufficiently classic in style that it won’t date and has a nice luxe feel.

At a time when we’re all becoming a bit more conscious of whether our deliveries are over-packaged, it was nice to see that this rug was simply packaged in a very sturdy wrap with no extraneous padding or boxes. It arrived swiftly, and the brand offers free delivery to most areas of the UK.

My dalliance with a little texture and pattern has left me craving a few more statement pieces for my home, and has helped me to break out of my interior design comfort zone. Plus, the rug keeps drawing my eye (in a good way) when I’m relaxing in the evening and it’s hard to imagine my living room layout without it now.

If you’ve recently broken out of an interiors rut (or feel like you need to) please get in touch in the comments section below.

This post is sponsored / gifted by Land of Rugs, but the words are all my own. For a huge range of rugs, visit their website, here.

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