What’s new in African Fashion in 2019?

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The Fashion trends of 2019 are all about comfort and nostalgia. Textures and patterns of all kinds have been introduced to the market along with a slew of bright colours. 2019 is all about going out with everything; Attention-grabbing colours and patterns are the hot trends. Designers have been focusing on what kind of clothes are unique and will make a person stand out. Besides that, a lot of the patterns are rooted in nostalgia, going back to the 70s and 90s for inspiration.

2019 is all about making a statement, and there is nothing better than the bright and lively African fashion trends to make you stand out in a crowd.

The fashion trends of 2019 allow playing around with colours and patterns. The African Fashion tends of 2019 are also dominated by colourful outfits. Bright colours speak of confidence, style and freedom. Mixing and matching have become very popular. Pairing different textures or different coloured clothes has become the trend of 2019. Play around with all kinds of colour combinations. When it comes to African Fashion, the trend of pairing white and black with colourful clothes is preferred. Rusty oranges, sunshine yellow along with a myriad of greens, pinks and blues are the right way to go in 2019. You can easily pair a black and white tee with colourful bottoms or vice versa.

Another African fashion trend is pairing plain clothes with printed tees or bottoms. Prints never go out of style, and in 2019, many designers followed the trend of print clashing. Matching different and colourful prints is more fun and trendier. This trend has not risen for the first time, but it is more widely accepted and used. Most people would try to be safe with African prints and pair them with plain bottoms, but if you want to stay at the top of trends, then you should be pairing up different prints. African prints have taken a turn and have been influenced by western trends. The patterns being used incorporate modern shapes, and clothes are also being made with global styles. You’ll find a variety of Bohemian tops and dresses along with Kimonos printed with African designs. Dresses with different and unique sleeves are also becoming popular, that give clothes a unique style and look. Ceiphers Modern African Clothing offers a wide variety of clothes which are influenced by the western style but still retain the authenticity of African heritage. The clothes are stylish and vibrant with heritage, showcasing progress and appreciation for culture.

Another essential part of African fashion trend of 2019 includes accessories engraved with African designs. African heritage influenced accessories are sought after because of their designs and colours. You can find bags and clutches with beautiful and bright designs to brighten up any look. The jewellery trends have also seen a rise in the use of African inspired jewellery. Colourful and big earrings are all the rage, alluding to an African background. Along with clothes, jewellery is also being infused with attention-grabbing colours that make a statement.

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