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The good news is a new summer Cook Haus menu has arrived at the Liverpool restaurant. Happily His & Hers had an invite to sample this slice of sunshine. There is a link at the end of the review to see wide coverage of the dishes available.

Feature by Jean Hill

It was Saturday lunchtime: and the sun was shining brilliantly. Somehow the sparkling light followed us into Albert’s Schloss. The staff were smiling, friendly and welcoming. There is always a sense of wanting to encourage guests to relax and enjoy themselves. There was such a sociable vibe, lively chatter with friends and family meeting up, enjoying a cocktail with lunch.  We made our way to our very cosy corner table. We sank back into a wealth of cushions and took in the scene.

The bar is awesome: cocktails a plenty. People seem content, having reached their destination of choice. There is room for all comers, yet it does not seem over-crowded. This is a really elegant, stylish space. The staff are efficient and attentive.

A sense of fun permeates through the restaurant. There is a photo booth in the basement, which is sure to make a person smile as they manoeuvre, comically, in a small space to try not to look like a headless chicken in the pics.

We started with hummus, pickle, pomegranate and coriander, with home-baked pitta. Match made in heaven comes to mind. The portions were very generous: this is food that melts in the mouth. The pomegranate and coriander enhance flavour and contrasts beautifully with the tangy pickle. The hummus itself was perfect.

I opted for sea-bass and went for a Caesar salat side dish to accompany the fish. The sea-bass came with celeriac purée, green beans and paprika butter. The fillets of fish had a baked, rich, gently spicy flavour and were truly succulent. Our editor opted for Caesar salad with chicken breast with baby gem lettuce, capers, anchovy and Parmesan cheese. This had the wow factor and the chicken was admirably flavourful and tender.  The house red wine was smooth, with a hint of spice and delicious.

Next time we will find room for dessert. We had a lovely time and we went on to do some shopping with smiles on our faces. This could be our happy place.

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