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actress amy kinder


It is a gift to know what you really want in life. But is even more special gift if you know that at the age of sixteen. Not to mention having such a talent, passion and ambition, like Amy has.

Amy was born in Bath, United Kingdom, she is from Keynsham, Bristol. After sadly losing her dad in 2014, she started acting just one year ago (2015) and have already appeared in several short films, a local TV series and has been cast for some major upcoming projects next year. Her father was and still is her biggest inspiration and made her realize you never know when your gonna go so just go for it, which she did. In March 2016 she found out she was nominated for a local award in acting. In the April Amy was officially awarded the MMG Best Actress 2016 South West Award, which was a huge honor and step up in her career.

Nothing compares to acting for her. It is an incredible feeling being able to be someone else while being yourself and experiencing all these different stories and characters. When she watched people on the TV or in Films she was always interested to see what it would be like to be someone else and the overall atmosphere of a film set along with the reward of the end product.

Her advice to people who are of a similar age is to go out and get what you want: Take all the opportunities you can while being vigilant for scams (sadly, there are a lot of them!). Keep your friends and family close – they are the best support system! But most importantly explore the world around you, it is okay to be unsure… you have plenty of time!


In her spare time she trains and has a black and yellow belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Amy said: “I have always been a keen martial artist and have a blue belt in judo as well as experience in Boxing and Muay Thai. One of the many reasons I love being in action films! I am a grade 4 guitarist in acoustic and electric guitar and my favorite style to play is jazz, I find it so relaxing and characterful (pardon the pun!). I’m also an avid photographer who loves to (just like my dad used to) take pictures of everything worth capturing. It’s a rare occurrence to see me without my camera! Especially when I’m on set; with permission of course I’ll snap everything. Because for me moments like those can not be forged and what better way to commemorate such amazing shoots”

actress amy kinder

She also told about her ambitions, some short term and some long term: “Currently I am more than happy with where I am, enjoying every moment of this crazy adventure. I am over the moon to have been cast in a new Series as a recurring guest star, filming in LA next year. On top of that heading to Canada in late 2017 to be playing the lead in a physiological horror with a killer script (again, pardon the pun!) There a lots more exciting things in the pipeline which will all be revealed closer to the time. My manager is receiving offers regularly and calls me to discuss them. But my motto I created is “you have the right to dream it and then live it” and I really believe it, I’m super excited for the future!”

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