Five Reasons Your Boiler Needs Annual Servicing

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Boiler servicing is one of those things that often get overlooked, and it’s all too easy for many people to forget about getting their boilers serviced on a regular basis. Whether you’re busy and booking your service slips your mind or you’re not really convinced that it’s that necessary, there are several reasons why your boiler could be missing out on getting an annual service – and you’re missing out on picking up any potential problems earlier. We’ve put together some of the main reasons why you should remember to get your boiler serviced yearly.

#1. Your Warranty Could Be Invalidated:

If your boiler is still under warranty, then failing to book it in for an annual service could lead to the warranty being invalidated. Most boiler companies will provide warranties on the condition that you keep up with regular annual services, otherwise, if you discover a problem with your boiler later on down the line, you could be met with a nasty unexpected bill as your warranty is no longer valid. In addition, if you have boiler cover, you may be expected to book in for a boiler service every year as part of the cover. Chances are your cover includes the cost of an annual service, so there’s really no reason not to get it done.

#2. Find Problems Early:

It’s easy to forget about the fact that you don’t only use your boiler during the winter. Since you use hot water every day, your boiler is being used year-round – and it could be running into issues, but they will only become apparent once the winter months hit and you need to use your boiler more often to heat your home. Having your boiler serviced regularly will help you find any potential issues and deal with them as early as possible before they lead to any home emergencies. If you have boiler cover as part of your home emergency cover, booking your service for the end of summer is the best way to make sure that your boiler is in shape for the colder weather. You can visit Certi for more information on choosing the right boiler cover for your needs.

#3. Save Money:

In the short term, you might not think that there is much point in paying for an annual boiler service if you can’t see anything obviously wrong with the system. However, many boiler problems do not become apparent to the untrained eye until they are serious and paying for a boiler service is always going to be cheaper than having your entire boiler – or even your entire home’s heating system – replaced. Regular checks and professional maintenance will keep your boiler running correctly and reduce its risk of breaking down, later on, lengthening its lifespan and keeping your risk of needing to purchase a whole new one as low as possible for as long as possible. Whilst all boilers do eventually have an expiry date, regular services will help you get the most from yours for many years.

#4. Reduce Your Energy Bills:

Having your boiler regularly serviced doesn’t just reduce your risk of having to invest in a new one. By regularly servicing and maintaining your boiler correctly to keep it in good working condition, it will need to do less work in order to keep your home warm and heat your water, therefore leading to cheaper energy bills. During the service, the engineer will also run checks to see how efficiently your boiler is running, and if there is anything that can be done to improve this. Of course, factors such as the age of your boiler will need to be taken into consideration, but a well-serviced boiler will always be more efficient than one which is not.

#5. Ensure That It’s Safe:

Certain boiler problems can be a massive hazard for your home, yourself and your family – and the scariest part of it is that you might not always notice these problems straight away. For example, if your boiler is not using the right amount of fuel to warm your home, it could end up leaking carbon monoxide into your property, which can pose a serious health risk to you and your family – if undetected for a long time, carbon monoxide poisoning can be fatal. And, according to the Department of Health, approximately four thousand people visit Accident and Emergency each year with carbon monoxide poisoning, many of which cases could be prevented by proper and regular boiler servicing. And, what makes carbon monoxide poisoning so dangerous is that the symptoms can easily be mistaken for those of other illnesses. Servicing your boiler will give you the peace of mind that you and your family are safe at home.

Getting your boiler serviced is easy to overlook, but it’s an essential part of keeping your home warm and safe for a long time.

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