7 Ways To Change The Appearance Of Your Home

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appearance of your home

Over time, the appearance of your home can change. And if your house goes on to become your forever home, you’ll end up spending the majority of your life in it. The only downside is that if you spend that much time anywhere, it can get a little boring to look at. When it comes to changing your home’s appearance, there are plenty of things you can do to transform it into something that looks a lot more pleasing and up to date. Here are seven ways to change the appearance of your home.

Replace Your Windows

Your windows are an important part of the home, and it’s a good idea to make sure that they’re in good condition all year round. The reason why it’s good to keep an eye on them is that they can often become damaged due to harsh weather conditions and general ageing. You may have moved into the property, and noticed that the windows that have been in place are single glazed or at least it’s been a considerable period since they got installed. Your windows might be worth getting replaced if you find that your home gets easily cold or that you’ve noticed some weak spots in the windows themselves. There are plenty of sash windows that could be replaced if you have them, and there are lots of specialists out there that will be able to provide a great service. A new set of windows can really change the face of the home from the outside, especially if they end up being a different size, colour, or shape.

Paint The Exterior Of Your Home

The exterior of your home is likely to look the same throughout the course of you living there, and it’s probably not the easiest aspect of your home to update. However, you may find that painting your home’s exterior could be just the facelift it needs in order to freshen the place up. Consider the materials that your property is made out of first and then think about which paint or coloured materials are out there that you can apply to your home. The property may have had an extension using a different coloured brick, and that can often ruin the fluid look of the home. By painting it in its entirety, you can add consistency to it but also a bit of character. Be wary of the colour you choose, though as this is something you’re going to have to see every day, and you don’t want it to be an eyesore for any of your neighbours who might live nearby and have a view of your home.

Change The Layout

Sometimes a complete change to the layout of your home might be needed. For example, if your living room backs onto the dining room, but they’re separate spaces, you might want to consider knocking some walls down. It’s important you do your due-diligence by checking with builders that this is possible but there are plenty of ways that you might be able to transform your house by altering its layout. Being able to close off or create open spaces can really change how you see a room and the potential that the space has. Changing the layout isn’t just about the floor space, it can be about what you do with the furniture, too. The furniture in your home can be moved about and taken out to change the space and how it looks. When we move into a property, the furniture usually stays in the same place, but it might be good to change it up a little and try something new.

Get An Extension

Just like changing a layout, your property might have the ability to be extended. It all depends on how much floor space you have both inside and outside the home. You also need to consider any planning permissions you might need and consultations with your neighbours about any additional buildings to your home. However, it can be a great way to transform the home and to also add value to it at the same time. Whether you’re adding on an extra bedroom, a bathroom, or a study, it can all help to improve the value of the home and the overall spacious feeling you get within the property. It’s good to do some research on what your home needs and what you’re able to achieve. Extensions can end up being quite costly, so make sure you have the disposable income to do it or to at least get a loan to cover the costs.

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Pay Attention To The Garden

Even though there can be plenty of changes indoors, it’s worth paying attention to your garden area, too. Not many people will tend to pay much attention to outdoor spaces, because we only usually use them when the temperature is suitable. For British weather, that limits the months when we can spend lots of time in the garden to very few if we’re lucky, but it’s still good to give your garden a transformation where needed. Ever thought of changing the landscape of the garden completely? There could be so much potential that you’ve not yet uncovered, so it’s definitely worth doing if you can. Think about providing structure in the form of wooden fencing and adding in areas that make the garden space feel bigger and more inviting.

Add Decking

Talking of the garden, your outdoor space might be missing some additional flooring in the form of decking. Decking has turned out to be a very popular thing to add to the home and is somewhat like an extension but without the major costs, and it’s unlikely that you’ll need planning permission to do it. Think about where you’d put the decking and whether you’d locate it directly outside the home or situate it somewhere else in the garden. It can provide a nice outdoor area to lounge in to place your BBQ and outdoor dining area. Remember to consider the type of materials you use for the decking as that can affect cost but also the amount of maintenance you’ll need in order to keep it like new. Add some lighting to it so that even during the cooler months, you can still enjoy the beauty of your garden under the stars.

Turn It Into A Smart Home

Investing in a smart home is a great way to transform your house in a minor way, but that makes a huge difference for you and your household. Coloured LED lighting that can be controlled by an app on your phone or via a universal remote can be very handy. Underfloor heating and electronic blinds that automatically come up and down during certain times of the day are also popular options. It’s a great way of being able to give your home a fresh feel without having to spend thousands and thousands. Smart homes are becoming more popular nowadays as our reliance for technology strengthens. It’s something to add value to your home but also an ease on your daily lifestyle.

Changing the appearance of your home is handy to give it that new lease of life that’s been missing from it recently. Instead of having to move, you might as well add some updates and changes to your current home, providing it’s still working for you and your family. Use these tips to help bring something new to your property and to change its appearance to give the modern feel and practical updates you need to enjoy your home to the fullest.

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