Sprucing up your garden in the New Year

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The His & Hers team loves a good picnic or al fresco cocktail. Or even just sitting outside in the sunshine with a good book. And as we prepare for the New Year, we’ll admit that spending some lazy spring and summer afternoons in a beautiful garden is the dream! However, for most of us, if we’re lucky enough to have a garden, it’s probably not looking like a green oasis right now.

If you need a helping hand to create an immaculate lawn before spring comes around, it’s worth looking at companies like artificial grass installers Lawrence Lawns who can give you lush looking lawns that’ll make you the envy of your neighbours in far less time than you’d usually spend with no green fingers required!

If you know that your plans for your weekends in 2019 are more likely to involve sitting out on your lawn, rather than mowing it, artificial grass could be the low-maintenance way to ensure that you spend more time enjoying your garden than working on it.

Also, His & Hers has noticed that although fake flowers and lawns were once shunned in favour of natural alternatives, in 2018, you could barely spot a flower wall without a queue of people waiting to take their picture against it. And not all of His & Hers’ favourite green spaces have been created by talented gardeners. For example, this summer, we loved laying out our yoga mat at a local roof garden (featuring an artificial lawn) and exercising while appreciating the stunning views across the city and the sun on our back.   

An artificial lawn can last for around 15-years and they’re also a popular option for children’s play areas, providing a soft landing without turning into a mud bath in winter.

Once your garden’s looking good, it could be worth thinking about adding a few potted plants that could liven up your home or garden. The staff at your local garden centre will be able to advise on the plants that require the least maintenance (and are virtually impossible to kill with neglect!) leaving you free to book holidays, enjoy some lazy weekends and generally live your life and still have a good looking garden to come home to!

To give your outdoor space the finishing touches, why not invest in some outdoor lighting? As soon as you switch your garden lights on, they’ll give your garden a warm-glow and a cared for feel with minimal effort. Also, if it’s within your budget, investing in some good quality garden furniture will make unwinding, or entertaining, in the garden a pleasure as we head into spring.

If you’ve recently transformed your garden, and have a few tips to share with the His & Hers team and our readers, we’d love to hear from you. Please tell us all about your garden transformation in the comments section below.

For more tips for your home and garden, please pay a visit to our interiors page.   

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