Aveda Review for Sap Moss Shampoo and Conditioner

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Aveda Sap Moss

His & Hers are great fans of the Aveda Blow Dry Bar, Debenhams Liverpool ONE. Aveda’s mission statement is ‘to care for the world…from the products we make to the ways in which we give back to society…We strive to set an example for environmental leadership and responsibility, not just in the world of beauty, but around the world’. Aveda haircare, products are derived from natural plant and flower extracts, that feeds into a philosophy of holistic care.

WORDS: Jean Hill

We were more than happy to review the new Sap Moss shampoo and conditioner. All Aveda hair care products are vegan and organic and are designed to be replenishing and restorative. I have temperamental hair that collapses in high temperatures. To be fair, it reacts unpredictably to weather in general. It winds itself into a tizzy, frizzy mess in a downpour: it hisses and frizzles with humidity. It is fine and flyaway. It has been a never ending quest to find hair products that actually do what they say on the tin. Hair tends to lose lustre and shine with age, that just adds to the snags. I know: shoot me now. Or find me a quick fix!

I noticed the difference straight away. My hair was not nearly so flyaway. I fancied there was something of a sheen, that enhanced the colour. I like the smoothness. I could detect a little more body and bounce. There are other Aveda finishing products, that are really useful, that work for me: smooth infusion is one. Overall, Sap Moss works well. It actually feels organic to use, and adds life, body and shine to limp locks and stops my hair spiralling out of control.

As Christmas approaches, and you need hair-care on the run, you can find fast solutions at the Aveda Blow Dry Bar within Debenhams, in Liverpool ONE. The style approach depends on the time you have to spare. The products and approach are attuned to you. There is fast and effective ‘dry style blow dry’ to the long lasting ‘power stay sensory blow dry’, special occasion up-dos, braiding and more. Every blow dry includes a free stress relieving ritual of renewal, which is totally peaceful and relaxing. And that might just be what you need after that frenzied shop.

Sap Moss Weightless Shampoo, RRP: £21.00

Sap Moss Weightless Conditioner, RRP: £23.50



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