The Best Interior Design Advice For Awkward Spaces

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Awkward Spaces

Most homes have a challenging corner or two that many homeowners struggle to decorate. These corners and spaces often get neglected, or homeowners try to decorate them but end up not maximizing their potential. Here, we’re going to give you some interior design advice for awkward spaces that you could find useful if you’ve been struggling to decide what to do with them. Take a look and you’ll be surprised at what you can do! 

1.Embrace The Asymmetry 

Rooms don’t need to be symmetrical to look great – instead, aim for balance. If you’re using a tone or pattern in one area of a room, use it on lampshades and cushions in another area to make sure the space looks cohesive. Doing this ensures the room still looks stylish without the room looking odd. 

2. Zone a Larger Room

A bigger space can lead to difficult decisions when decorating, and many homeowners end up making the space look confusing and muddled. Try to divide a room into separate sections with different functions in mind. A well organized room with clearly defined areas can be super functional. You can have a space for catching up with friends, watching TV, and even working from home. It all depends on what you like to do with your time. Creating zones in a larger room ensures you don’t need a separate room for every activity and hobby. 

3. Embrace The Quirkiness 

Don’t try to hide an awkward space. Embrace the quirkiness of it! For instance, an alcove could become a desk space with the addition of a shelf. You could create a feature out of it with a bold colour or pattern too. Adding bespoke elements like an unusually shaped mirror can also help to enhance the quirkiness while making the space look unique and beautiful. 

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4. Nooks and Corners 

You can utilise these sorts of spaces with fitted storage. Aim to keep it functional, and remember that mirrors can also help to bounce more light around the room if you’re worried about the space looking cluttered or small. Think outside of the box and have fun with it. If you have a weird corner where nothing seems to fit, you could add corner seating and artwork to create your own little social space. This could easily become one of your favorite spots!  

5. Consider Investing In A Conversion 

If you feel like you can’t manage the odd space alone, consider investing in a conversion. Your loft can become an amazing space if you have the budget to turn it into a home office or another bedroom. Look at what a typical velux loft conversion costs to get an idea of how much money you would need. 

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6. Don’t Neglect Your Landing

One of the most awkward spaces that often gets neglected by homeowners even though it is passed every day is the landing. Wall art and runners to create interest and add texture, and you can also add artwork. 

7. Behind The Sofa 

If you have a lot of space behind your sofa and you’re not sure what to do with it, add a desk. You could also add some simple lamps to decorate the room and stop the space from looking empty. 

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Do you have advice for awkward spaces? Leave a comment! 

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