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bathroom renovation


One of the biggest problems when it comes to renovating homes is deciding what rooms to overhaul. After all, we need to use our home and it has to remain functional, so we need to make certain compromises and it can get either confusing or troublesome when we take on too many tasks at once. If we decide to renovate the entire house in one go, then we may need to occasionally sleep over at a relative or friend’s home just because of all the mess it can make.

That’s why most people renovate one room at a time. It makes sense, it’s not as expensive and not as disruptive to our lives. But if we’re given the choice of making one renovation investment right now, what would you pick?

It only makes sense to go with your bathroom first, and here’s why.

bathroom renovation

Bathrooms are the most-used room in the home

Sure, you might not spend 8 hours a day in your bathroom, but ask yourself how many times you visit the bathroom. If you’re at home for any period of time, then there’s a good chance you’re going to visit the bathroom at least a couple of times each day. The sights, sounds and even smells you experience will linger each time you leave your bathroom, so it only makes sense to upgrade it as much as possible.

Renovate it by adding some decorative plants, making the amenities and features better and adding some beautiful interior elements so that every time you leave your bathroom, it has a lasting effect on you that makes you smile. You’ll be surprised at how effective a good bathroom is at boosting your morale throughout the day.

It’s one of the more enjoyable renovations

Out of all the renovations that we can perform, bathroom renovations are a lot of fun. From picking a special bathroom marquee to choosing plants and decorations to add, there are countless bathroom styles to choose from. In addition, you’ll get plenty of useful features that can improve the luxurious qualities of your bathroom, such as heated towel rails or a more powerful shower.

It’s one of the most annoying renovations

It’s often best to get the more annoying renovations out of the way especially if you’re planning a whole-home renovation. This is so that you’re prepared for later renovations in the future and you can get plenty of experience working on the “harder” ones first.

In addition, the bathroom is one of the more essential rooms in the home but most properties will have multiple showers and bathrooms. This makes it a relatively “safe” renovation to make because it doesn’t disrupt your life as much as a kitchen renovation can, and you can get a good feel for what a renovation project involves.

In short, we’d definitely recommend making your next renovation a bathroom one. There are countless ways to go about it, it’s one of the less disruptive renovations to perform and it’s also something you can get creative with thanks to all the designs you can choose from.

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