When NOT to look for a beauty bargain at any cost

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Regular readers will know that the His & Hers team loves a bargain. However, when it comes to looking after our teeth, skin and hair, we look out for products and treatments that we believe deliver in terms of quality, not just in terms of cost. Here are just a few of the times when we think it’s worth investing in quality, rather than looking for a ‘beauty bargain’…

When you want a radical change to your hairstyle

If you’re thinking about significantly lightening your hair, or going for a dramatic re-style, it’s worth booking in with a stylist you trust (even if this means spending a little more time doing your research, or a little more money). Experience has taught the His & Hers team that we’d rather spend a little more at the outset on a hairstyle that we love, rather than paying for a colour correction or re-style (or worse, waiting for damaged hair or a severe haircut to grow out).

When you’re investing in your teeth

If you want a cosmetic treatment, you’ve probably already googled the likes of: how much do veneers cost, or how much do braces cost? We know that these days a lot of our readers save for treatments like veneers and adult braces. And there’ll always be companies that claim that they can offer great results for next to no money (offering veneers or braces that you fit yourself at home). His & Hers’ advice is that you don’t want to risk damaging your teeth just to save a few pounds. Look out for a dentist that’s easy for you to travel to, such as a dentist in St. Helens, and bear in mind that if companies offer cheap cosmetic or dental procedures overseas, you won’t necessarily have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that they have the same regulations that we have in the UK. Also, if anything goes wrong and you need further treatment, you could be facing a lengthy flight to see your practitioner or dentist.

When you value your privacy

We’ve noticed a lot of beauty bars popping up in the middle of busy stores in recent years. On the plus side, these bars can offer cheap and speedy treatments, such as eyebrow shaping. However, if you’re getting a little facial waxing, for example, and don’t necessarily want the whole world to know about it, it could be worth paying a bit more to get your treatment in a quieter, more private space.

If you’re not happy with the salon / treatment / expert any more

From hearing about clients’ holiday plans and love lives to knowing how to put us at ease when we’re wearing nothing but some flimsy disposable knickers for a spray tan, to soothing our nerves at the dentists, we tend to put a lot of trust in our hairdresser, cosmetic dentist and beauty therapist. If you don’t have total trust in your glam squad, it could be time to shop around and aim to find an expert who won’t just help you look your best, but will also put you at ease, helping you to feel great, too!

We’re very proud to bring you this feature in association with The Harley Street Smile Clinic and Kiln Lane Dental. For more features, please pay a visit to our lifestyle page.

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