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Let’s give a second to thank whoever is in charge of the Universe that Marcia Kilgore had her last, huge a-ha moment. The beauty entrepreneur had been browsing around a well known, upmarket beauty emporium and then remembered she was carrying some samples from one of the world’s leading beauty labs around with her. That was the moment Kilgore decided it was high time that more women had access to the formulations that had once been the preserve of the high end shopper, that as an expert she herself had a direct line to. Take away the fancy stores, the packaging, the expensive ad campaigns and what was Kilgore able to create? Beauty Pie, the world’s first and foremost luxury beauty democracy.

How does it work? It is has nothing to do with beauty boxes. I’d repeat that but hopefully you’ll keep reading. You pay a monthly subscription, and for the price of two coffees, you get access to everything a confirmed beauty lover needs to restock their stash. And I am not writing this piece from a press release. I joined Beauty Pie on the day it launched in the U.K. and have never looked back. What I get, and hope you will, is the chance to acquire premium products at prices that make you think twice. It’s all about the transparency. But in a marketing led world, it can be hard to understand at first why a moisturiser that would normally be sold for £100 is coming to you for a tenth of that. Once you get used to it, you’ll be hooked.

Already Beauty Pie have created some classics that are revered and loved. From skincare to make-up, candles to the best brushes on the planet, it’s a paradise with room on the beach. Everyone from beauty royalty Bobbi Brown to renowned blogger Caroline Hirons are huge fans and they are hard to impress: neither minces their words and both know the beauty game inside out.

It’s a democracy, though. The brand is tireless on social media and if you join the gang, they love to hear from you. They’ll want to acknowledge your feedback, they’ll listen to suggestions and if there’s something you are not too keen on, they’ll take your opinion on board. For me it’s foolproof. I get my top-of-the-range skincare (hello to the Japanfusion line) and make up staples, but also the chance to try out the latest sheet masks, mascaras and nail polishes without the guilty-splurge factor.

Beauty buyers are becoming so discerning, that you have to be as good as Kilgore and as innovative as Beauty Pie to pull off this brand in style. What you get isn’t just a brand, it’s Marcia’s years of experience with her thirst for the next new product thrown in. We all want to know more, whether it’s about formulations, ingredients or ways to apply, with the added advantage of having the whole lot delivered to us in gorgeous packaging. Beauty Pie have made it easy to navigate areas that have often made online shopping a task in itself, so their expert advice on foundation type and shading, for example, is tailor-made.

So what would I recommend? On the principle that there should be goodwill to all beauty buffs during the holiday season I thought I would select a few classic must-haves for you and a few that the female folk in your lives will adore. Actually, not just female, as my husband is a huge fan and he has no idea that I have replaced his skincare with products he thinks cost twice the price. If I tried to include all my favourites we would be here until next Christmas, so here goes…

The Skincare Newbie – Triple Hyaluronic Acid HA and Peptide Serum (members pay £13.20 instead of £60).

Beauty Pie 1

In a skincare maze that confuses us with all sorts of fearful sounding ingredients, this is actually the ingredient list that is all about moisture. It is has three weights of Hyaluronic Acid in a formula that is non-irritating. In simpler terms, it helps your skin to retain water so it plumps and hydrates all in one go. Say hello to your new best friend and goodbye to spending treble figures on a serum. I use it, and it works.

The Perfect Experiment – Pro-Glow Strobing Drops (members pay £5.51 instead of £22)

Beauty Pie 2

So, I just thought I’d let you know I’m not an influencer, and anything shiny scares the life out of me. I really struggle with heavy, powder-based highlighters as they just don’t suit my skin, especially in winter. However, this genius liquid means you can add a little extra definition to your skin without actually trying to compete with festive lights. In fact, switch them on and you will look positively angelic. The great thing about Beauty Pie is the low cost means you can try things you would normally pass by. Get strobing, I dare you!

Beautiful Skin Squared – The Japanfusion Gift Set (members pay £26.99 instead of £225)

Beauty Pie 3

I used to have skin like a battleground. I no longer do. This range has transformed me, and if you have skin issues, there is no greater gift than clarity and luminosity. Again, there is nothing extreme or nasty here. There is a gentle wash-off cleanser, a prep lotion to calm your skin further, a hybrid facial-oil-meets-serum and a moisturiser I cannot live without. And you get the whole range for less than a price of a premium mascara. A festive miracle? Yes, indeed.

The Three Stars Of The Show – The Power Triple (members pay £13.92 instead of £65)

Beauty Pie 4

Oh, have I seen the light with these three. The Shimmerbar is a little slice of Italian heaven, and I have literally stockpiled them for gifting. Sorry for ruining the surprise! I do love this type of product as it’s so lightweight, but I go through them at such a pace. The Uber Volume Boost Mascara is the perfect way to get plump lashes and the Luxe Shine Lipstick gives you plenty of pigment with added moisture, which is great for colder months. Honestly, if you pass this on as a gift, you’ll need to buy two to avoid present envy.

Last year, I took advantage of the extra buying power on offer and the beautiful gift sets and every girl and lady I know got Beauty Pie’d, and it will be the same this year. I can write about beauty from sunrise until sunset but this is a range I actually spend on, invest in and rave about. And now I’ve finished telling you why I will forever be a Pie Girl, I’m off for a rest armed with my Clean House Candles and Uber Youth Hyaluronic Sheet Masks.

As you were.

Nancy Buckland Kirk

About the author: Nancy Buckland Kirk is a writer with a keen interest in fashion and beauty and a career which has spanned modelling, teaching and spreading the word about leading beauty brands.

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Beauty Pie website: www.beautypie.com

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