Bellissimo Bacino Pizza & Cicchetti at Flannels Liverpool

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Bacino dinner

Before we (His & Hers) discovered Bacino, it was described to us as a hidden gem. We found the restaurant at the back of the ground floor Beauty Bar in the flagship Flannels store.

Feature by Jean Hill

It is a beautiful space: Italian elegance and stylish seating with distinctive scattered cushions and paintings that suit the space wonderfully. We were made to feel really welcome. It is a partially open space and we could glimpse shoppers choosing beauty items. Very soothing somehow.

Bacino interior

We were 5pm diners, though I did check out the brunch menu for future reference. They had me at blueberry and ricotta pancakes and then eggs Florentine.

Cicchetti, (Venetian) side dishes and snacks were on the main menu including aubergine cannelloni: with walnut, spinach, pesto and pomodoro. Such a lovely combining of ingredients.

My companion chose goats cheese pizza. The base was crispy, fluffy, well risen and with crunchy, flavourful pizazz. I asked if the chef might share the recipe. He did: it is the same I use. Sadly the result is somewhat different. This is a really talented chef. The goats cheese was sublime and was skilfully blended with basil pesto, caramelised onion and candied walnuts. Delicious.

I opted for king prawn spaghetti. The prawns loomed large and shapely, slightly salty and full of flavour. The sauce comprised chilli, courgette, lemon and roast garlic butter. Probably my favourite spaghetti dish ever. The sauce was velvety smooth and the lemon brought out the flavour of the courgette. The roast garlic butter was an added touch of luxury.

I chose spiced apple crumble cheesecake for dessert. The apples had that delivered straight from the orchard delightful juicy taste with a hint of spice. I loved the combination: the cheesecake was, every so slightly lemony, smooth and creamy. Would never have thought to mix crumble with cheesecake but I will now.

The atmosphere was completely relaxed. The service was friendly and mega efficient. Total admiration for the chef.

Bacino comes highly recommended. We had a wander around the beauty products, to pick out future purchases and we left feeling content and grateful.,

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