Boozeless Brunch: Why Booze-Free Brunches Could Be the Next Craze to Take Britain by Storm

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Brunch is a delicious concoction of breakfast and lunch. Whether you’re craving blueberry pancakes or aubergine frittata, there’s a brunch out there for everyone.

Great Britain loves brunch. So much so, bookings surged a massive 369% since 2013. From this craze, the recognisable bottomless brunch emerged. As you probably already know, bottomless brunch is an opportunity to eat a civilised meal and drink an uncivilised amount of alcohol. Restaurants offer unlimited amounts of prosecco or cocktails for around an hour or two, but the hangover lasts a lot longer.

However, as the relationship between Brits and alcohol has changed, could the booze-free brunch be the next craze to take Britain by storm? Treat yourself to a boozeless brunch and enjoy delicious food, scrumptious non-alcoholic cocktails, and a hangover-free Sunday.

Booze-free trends in Britain


If you live in Britain, you’re probably accustomed to boozy Saturdays and hungover Sundays. However, since the dawn of COVID-19, the average number of people in the UK abstaining from alcohol has increased significantly. During lockdown, 1 in 3 people took steps to reduce their alcohol consumption, and 6% have stopped drinking entirely.

This trend can be seen among the younger demographic. In 2015, the Health Survey for England obtained data from 100,000 16–24-year-olds. According to this study, 1 in 3 young people were living life alcohol free. Completely tee-total!

Moreover, university students are reducing their alcohol consumption. A 2017 study surveyed 500 students from UK universities and concluded 44% of these students didn’t feel the need to drink during social settings.

With the surge in brunches and the decline in alcohol consumption among older and younger Brits, could the infamous bottomless brunch lose its allure?

Benefits of boozeless brunches

Boozeless brunches can be just as fun as their bottomless counterpart. You’re able to spend time with your friends, drink unlimited mocktails, and wake up the next day feeling fresh and hangover free. What more could you want?  

There are many other benefits of boozeless brunches. Here are some more reasons you should abstain from alcohol during your next social outing.

Better self-esteem

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People often drink alcohol to boost their confidence and ease nervousness. However, excessively drinking can lead to a dependence on alcohol, and this can result in low self-esteem issues. In fact, out of the 44% of students who chose to abstain from alcohol, it was concluded that staying sober improved their self-esteem and productivity throughout their life.

Better sleep


Did you know excessive alcohol consumption can impact your ability to sleep? Binge drinking one or two nights per week increases your chances of experiencing insomnia by a staggering 84%. This occurs when a woman has more than four, or a man has more than five drinks in two hours. Considering a bottomless brunch offers unlimited drinks for up to two hours, opting for a boozeless brunch is very beneficial for your health and ability to sleep.

Remembering the good times

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Finally, when given the opportunity to drink unlimited passionfruit martinis, a blackout may seem inevitable. And who can blame you? You’re getting your money’s worth! At a booze-free brunch, you’ll be able to drink unlimited amounts of delicious mocktails and remember the whole thing.

With the decline in alcohol consumption and the rise in brunches, we believe boozeless brunches could be the next craze to take Britain by storm. More and more young people are abstaining from booze, and considering millennials spend 13% of their income at restaurants and bars, this could the booze-free boost we’ve been waiting for. Go and enjoy your weekend with friends and family – sober!


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