Bored at uni? Here’s how to make the most of your spare time

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If you’ve found yourself with more spare time than you expected at uni, you’re not alone. Plus, with two-thirds of UK universities still teaching courses online despite the easing of Covid restrictions, finding motivation just to get out and about can feel tricky. In this guide, we’ve put together five top tips to help motivate you to make the most of your time in your university city. 

1.Spend time with friends


It’s always important to see your friends. However, you can only truly relax with your mates if you’re up to date with your course, so try to find a balance. From attending events like the best seasonal food festivals to just meeting up for some Saturday night cocktails, there are so many ways to mingle, network, and socialise.

2. Catch up and get ahead


Using your spare time to catch up with coursework is not only essential, but also savvy. Try to make sure you’re on top of your coursework, and you could even look ahead to allow yourself to be more stress-free. If you’ve got a big weekend or a birthday coming up, now’s the perfect time to familiarise yourself with upcoming work.

3. Visit home


With some university courses lasting four years or more, visiting home is an important thing to do. It’s sensible to head homewards and visit your family when you’ve got some spare time.

Or, if you’ve reached the end of an academic year and you’ve got to head home while you wait for your next tenancy to start, you could use storage facilities in Liverpool to hold your belongings from your previous accommodation, giving you peace of mind that your items will be safe and ready to move straight into your new digs once you’re back.

4. Explore and see culture


If you’re studying at a city far from your hometown, it’s important see what the city has to offer and learn as much as you can. Why not do a little bit of research to discover and explore the city culture you might not find in just the nightclubs? From science museums to independent music venues, it won’t take long to discover a wealth of opportunities from your doorstep.

5. Start a side-project

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If you’re feeling confident about your work, you could look into side projects. Whether you start a new craft or hobby or choose a familiar one to assist you with your course, achieving an end result always feels fulfilling. Or, if you’re just looking for a side hustle, taking on casual work to earn a little bit of money on the side could be a smart idea.

With just a little bit of inspiration, it’s much easier to feel motivated to start making new memories in your university city. The time will pass by much faster than you’d think, so don’t look back!

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