Budget Friendly Upgrade Ideas!

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Your home is the one place you deserve to feel comfortable and calm and that means making it look the exact way that you want it to look. Redecorating can be a lot of fun, but most people don’t have the right budget to instantly transform their home and make it stand out. Interior design shopping can be fun, but it doesn’t mean that you have to spend a lot of money. 

If you want a change and you won’t be able to get a great deal on a refurbished kitchen that you want, then you should stick to your budget and see whether you can change your home in an instant with the tips we’ve got for you below. An upgrade doesn’t have to mean changing the entire space by ripping it out. It can mean so many different things and you can change anything from the lighting to the chairs. So, which budget-friendly upgrades will change your kitchen around?

  • Upholster your wooden chairs. Whether they are in the kitchen or the dining room, why not get your chairs upholstered to add a splash of colour to your space. It adds something beautiful to look at, which also gives you an instant transformation!
  • New lighting makes a difference. Whether you change the shape of the lighting fixture or you add more lighting in the form of lamps around the room, you can really change the ambiance of the room. You’ll either make it look brighter or you’ll make it softer, but a change in lighting is going to make your home stand out brilliantly.
  • Add texture. Bedrooms and living rooms can always use a little texture as these are relaxing spaces. You can add texture easily with throws, new pillows and cushions and more rugs. Texture adds an instant layer of warmth to the space, and you can even personalise some of the pillows to really make the space yours.
  • Dress your windows. Adding a window valance along the top can add another layer of warmth to your windows. This is where the cold comes in and the light flows through and when you add valances and curtains, you add more texture to the room and you are able to keep your home looking beautiful at the same time!
  • Give your shower a boost. The shower in your bathroom doesn’t have to be a boring space, not when you can give it an easy boost. Adding a new shower screen or curtain, taking the time to replace the shower head to something wider and changing the shelving is going to make a massive difference to the way your bathroom looks. 
  • Bring the inside out. Usually, people bring the outside in with nature and flowers in the home. Do it the other way around and invest in great outdoor furniture to make your garden a space of relaxation and comfort. You can even add waterproof solar lighting to upgrade your garden on a budget.

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