Bundobust carves out a space on Liverpool’s Bold Street

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Bundobust review

His & Hers headed onwards and upwards to celebrate the launch of Bundobust in Liverpool! It’s a huge functional space on the first floor, with an imposing bar that can cater for almost all tastes. The party had started by the time we arrived to a really warm welcome. We chatted to staff and they love the food they serve, and they love this thriving independent company. Their enthusiasm is catching. They enjoy discussing the food, and they are happy to make recommendations, which we are more than pleased to try. Their knowledge is impressive, and it feels like this is a company that invests seriously in their staff.

Words: Jean Hill

There is scope for large groups. Then there is window seating, with views of Bold Street, that is a little more intimate. This is shared enterprise: we engaged with the whole experience, and had a great time. A vegetarian and vegan restaurant that offers Indian street food with the wow factor, can only be a good thing.

Bundobust review

My own personal favourite was Bundo Chaat. It was layered tastes of samosa pastry, chickpeas, potato, tamarind chutney, yoghurt, onion, turmeric noodles & chilli sauce. No single flavour overwhelmed, rather it merged into spicy, smooth chilli with that satisfying kick of aftertaste. And at £4.75 it was a bargain. Bhel Puri is a street food classic. The Samosa pastry is crisp and combines with puffed rice, red onion and tomato, tossed in tamarind chutney. This is topped with pomegranate seeds, which is a winning combo. Pav Bhaji mixes cauliflower, potato and peas infused with garam masala. All this, and served on a spiced toasted brioche bun. It is all in the small added details. Chole Saag is a new take on a traditional Indian curry with chickpeas and tangy spinach masala. There is plenty to tempt the diner.

It is a compelling philosophy. By eating healthy and vibrant  vegetarian and vegan food, at least some of the time, we can all support the environment. Meat lovers will always want to enjoy that Sunday roast, and/or bacon, sausage and egg, and…Yet it makes sense to eat a little less meat, and a little more vegetables and fruit. There has been a bit of a restaurant revolution out there. It was fun to be a part of that. And with some great sharing options, with very reasonable prices, it can only be a matter of time, before His & Hers returns for more.


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