Care package ideas you can send to friends/family abroad

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With no clear answer yet on whether we’ll be able to book overseas holidays to visit friends and family living abroad this summer, we’ve all become more creative at finding ways to stay in touch. From Zoom to WhatsApp, our online social lives have never been busier, but if you want to make a big impression, it could be worth making the effort to create a thoughtful care package. Here are a few suggestions for care package ideas you can send to friends/family abroad from the His & Hers team…

Celebrate your shared memories


Writing about some of your most cherished memories with your friends and family, and perhaps getting some photographs printed out, too, is a great way to remind your loved ones of the fun times you’ve shared together. Also, if you have some small keepsakes (such as ticket stubs), you could add them in to your box of memories.

Keep it simple

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If your budget is tight, but you still really want to show someone special that you care, don’t underestimate the power of the humble greetings card. Take your time writing a special, personal message. You may be surprised how big an impact this small, thoughtful gesture can make!

Send their favourites

If your loved ones have favourite items that they can’t buy overseas – from their favourite magazines to chocolate bars to a particular brand of tea bags, make a list of a few of their ultimate UK treats and then gather them together to create your personalised care package. This will be a gift that they’re likely to appreciate for weeks or months to come! And it’s a thoughtful way to remind them of home.

Get creative


Of course, if you have a flair for making your own cards or artwork, this would be a great time to put your skills to use! Whether it’s making a personalised card, or a beautiful bouquet of dried flowers, the recipient is likely to really appreciate the personal touch.

Check if there’s something they really need or want

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We’d all like to believe that we know our loved ones better than they know themselves. However, sometimes when it comes to creating the perfect gift, simply asking a few key questions can be the best way to find something that you know will be appreciated. If you don’t want to ask outright, why not spend a bit of time thinking about the person you’re buying for, contemplating their style, shopping habits and whether, for example, they’re a minimalist or a hoarder. This will help you to tailor your care package to suit the person you’re shopping for.    

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