Top 5 Christmas Beauty Tips: How to Look your Best this Season!

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Christmas beauty tips

As we head into one of the busiest times of the year, the combination of late nights and early mornings can leave us feeling a little worse for wear. Here are a few of the beauty tips the His & Hers team swear by during party season…

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1.We know you’ve heard this a million times, but if you have a few big nights coming up, it’s worth digging deep and summoning the extra energy required to cleanse and moisturise before bed. Then, even if you haven’t been drinking, we rate that old fashioned advice of putting a glass of water by the bed. Even if you haven’t managed anything close to the recommended eight hours of sleep, at least you’ll wake up fresh faced and relatively well hydrated. Plus removing your party make-up will help your chances of avoiding the traditional Christmas break-out.

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2. A big event can leave the His & Hers team craving a new hairstyle. However, if Instagram videos of people going from very long to very short hair in seconds make you feel as anxious as pictures of people perched precariously on top of tall buildings (or perhaps more so!) this may not be the time to do anything radical. You can always create a completely fresh look that’ll get your friends giving you a double take without committing to months of growing out your hair or changing your colour. We like these clip in extensions from Pauls Hair World to transform your hairstyle with no commitment.

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3. In November and December, everyone’s diaries tend to get fuller, leaving less time to savour cosy nights in in PJs and a face mask. If you know you’ll get one quiet night in the week, it could be worth laying out some of your favourite skincare and giving yourself an at-home facial. Upping your skincare game will help your make-up to look at its best and slowing down for a bit of ‘me time’ can be even more important when life gets hectic.

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4. We know that at this time of year, it can feel a lot harder to stick with your usual exercise routine. The His & Hers team would be the first to admit that sometimes heading out for a workout just doesn’t sound as tempting as indulging with friends, and as party season commences, the gym can end up getting nudged out of your schedule in favour of socialising. However, if you stay active, you’ll reap the rewards. Jess Schuring, celebrity trainer and co-founder of Heartcore Fitness, told Cosmopolitan: “Studies prove that regardless of the age you start regular exercise, it will have almost-immediate positive effects on our skin’s thickness and elasticity.”

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5. Finally, it’s all in the planning. If you have a big event in your calendar, taking the time to plan your outfit, so you know that you’ll be wearing something that you feel comfortable and confident in, will be more than worth it. Also, if your day isn’t too busy, booking in for a lunchtime blow-dry, or perhaps booking a professional make-up artist for you and your friends before your night out is a great way to feel like an A-lister.

We’re very proud to bring you this feature in association with Pauls Hair World. For more tips, please pay a visit to our beauty page.

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