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Nancy Buckland Kirk shares her Christmas beauty gift suggestions…

I thought writing about beauty gifts during a pandemic was a stretch. Fast-forward to 2022, and I’m wondering how to take an appropriate run up. I was recently reading one of my favourite magazines, which was full of advice on how to save on your energy usage, which I really appreciated. A few pages later, it was a four-page spread on how a writer I really admire stays looking her best without resorting to surgery. When I totted up the cost, which was mostly based around beauty and aesthetic treatments, the total came to over £26,000.

I was having a very self critical day, and felt aghast – surely I don’t have to spend that much to look good? It’s a moot point. If I suddenly found that amount down the back of my sofa I’d treat myself to a new kitchen. And a bathroom overhaul.

I think that means I am finally growing up.

However, I will never tire of a great beauty gift and this year I have decided, as much as I love them, to step away from most festively-packaged parcels and go for must-haves. I am going to say they don’t have the same appeal to the eyes, but if you are an ace present-wrapper, you can work your own magic. Of course, if you can afford out-and-out luxury and feel free to pass it on, that’s absolutely fine and you get to choose how to gift.

However, when you are in group chats discussing standing charges for gas, whether to get a smart boiler and the price of butter, it doesn’t mean you have turned into The Grinch. My dad’s idea of buying my mum something useful was a set of trowels, so I am not saying to reach down to that level of practicality. However, having encountered a situation recently where two ladies I knew had both run out of mascara at the same time, it got me thinking. Now is the time to treat someone to a little beauty something something.

Peaches & Cream Brussel Pouts £15 at

Peaches and Cream

Firstly, I’m going to mention a brand that I go to for beauty gifts for my youthful friends, whether that means by age or in attitude. From the hugely popular Peaches & Cream range, Brussel Pouts, this beauty cracker literally contains any two lip liners and lip glosses from their range. That’s fabulous value for you, and a gorgeously wrapped present for someone who loves a bit of pout-posing. This gift does come in festive packaging, and I’m going for it because my skills in this area are negligible.

The Ordinary Multi-Peptide Lash and Brow Serum £12.50 at

The Ordinary lash and brow serum

I am a huge fan of Next Beauty. They have managed to curate such an impressive portfolio of brands, which I always end up browsing, when I really meant to look at wallpaper. Lash serums are usually hugely expensive, but this one is fantastic and really effective. It has 11 active ingredients to nourish your lashes and enhance their volume over time. This is a pretty little surprise for someone who may want to boost their lashes without salon treatments. So that’s a hint from me to the Universe, right there!

Beauty Pie ‎Une Balade En Forêt Deluxe Body Wash £13 for members at

Beauty Pie body wash

This Limited Edition treat smells divine and features skin softening glycerin, aloe juice, amber and sandalwood. I love this SLS/SLES formula which allows me to use something that smells gorgeous but doesn’t irritate sensitive skin.  At 400ml it is such a generous size, and looks so luxurious on any bathroom shelf. Everyone who knows me is never surprised when they get a Beauty Pie gift, and they always send back positive reports!

Leighton Denny Crystal Nail File Medium is £13.50, Large is £17 at

Leighton Denny nail file

I am going to acknowledge the fact that a nail file does not seem like an obvious beauty gift. However, this is not a nail file. This is probably one of the most awarded beauty products of all time. Whichever size you choose, this fine-but-strong nail wizard allows for super gentle filing without damaging the nail bed. Housed in its own protective case, it comes with a 25 year guarantee, which means you can say goodbye to awful nail files which feel like sandpaper, and end up in the bin. Whenever I have given this as a gift, it may come as a left-field one, but it comes back with rave reviews. And can I also suggest it for guys who like to take care of themselves?

Nars Climax Mascara Mini £9.60 on offer at

As one of the best beauty gifts I have ever been given, this goes everywhere with me. Powered by the brand’s Lash Moisture Complex, it delivers maximum impact without being clumpy. The brush is a thing of wonder, and makes sure you never overload. It also means you can keep it in reserve, so you never run out of mascara again. It also allows you to insert the ‘I’ll have what she’s having quote’ upon unwrapping.

And finally, as I feel that this year we all feel we would like to help someone else I’d like to highlight two places that would really appreciate your donations.

If you are reading this in the same area where I am writing (hello all you Liverpool beauties!) Aid To All have just started their Christmas appeal, and would really love to receive beauty gifts and toiletries as part of their wish list, specifically for anyone under the age of 18. You can find out how to donate at:

The wonderful team work all year round to help others, and were recently delighted when John Barnes and Katarina Johnson Thompson picked them as their chosen charity on RuPaul’s fabulous quiz show, Lingo. Follow their socials to find out how to donate online or in person.

For the rest of the UK, then Beauty Banks really is the place to make a difference. Founded in 2018 by beauty industry legends Sali Hughes and Jo Jones, their wish to end hygiene poverty is even more vital now. Hit the link to find out how to donate, including where to find your nearest Superdrug store, which also accepts Beauty Banks donations.

Beauty is as beauty does, as the old saying goes. I am not sure which is in more dire need of a facelift – my own face, my bathroom or my kitchen, but I can assure none of those options are available right now.

However, I’m definitely going to gift myself the lash serum. If £12.50 brings me a Christmas miracle, you’ll be the first to know.

Note: None of the above beauty items are gifted, and the links are not affiliate ones.

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