Christmas gifts that keeps on giving at Selfridges

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Before the ice is in the pools by Emily Dickinson

Before the ice is in the pools—
Before the skaters go,
Or any check at nightfall
Is tarnished by the snow—

Before the fields have finished,
Before the Christmas tree,
Wonder upon wonder
Will arrive to me!

As Christmas is nudging into our consciousness, Selfridges has collated a ‘Christmas Beauty Lovers Gift Guide’ that is guaranteed to make someone smile this year! In the wake of a year that has been like no other, we all need something to fix on that has special meaning and brings joy to create happy memories. If we can shop responsibly, yet access all the mega brands that is the best of retail options and becomes the gifts that keep on giving in a wider ecological context. Sometimes we need to radiate towards the Christmas lights, celebrate that festive tree with its beautiful baubles and the sugar plum fairy or shining star atop. And if we can share this and the presents beneath the tree with family that has real meaning.

WORDS: Jean Hill

Selfridges are delighted to announce that some of the latest make-up and home pampering, comes with refill options. Exclusive advent calendars packed with products are so alluring because they anticipate the main festive event. Make-up innovations from Dior, Charlotte Tilbury, Bobbi Brown and more make for morale boosting treats. All items are available at Selfridges Trafford and Selfridges Exchange Square as well as at

As part of the Project Earth initiative Selfridges have added in over 90 new lines to its sustainable and eco-friendly toy and fashion ranges, from puzzles, to cuddly toys and sleepsuits. There are many earth-conscious items to browse. There are Selfridges vintage clothes, and a rent an outfit option (both echo that sustainable message).

Project Earth means supporting materials and production methods that have a lower impact on the environment, creating a more sustainable future for people and the planet. This initiative includes sustainable and refillable beauty and fragrance stations at Selfridges Exchange Square. There is a commitment to a sustainable future that includes respect for animals and offering some protection for the environment. Refillable perfume is ‘on tap’ from Armani, Ormonde Jayne, Kilian, and a selection of La Labo’s fragrances. Refillable beauty is at your fingertips: with stellar brands: Hourglass, Dior, Tom Ford, MAC and Charlotte Tilbury.

It is giving me a warm glow, just thinking about that Christmas spirit.

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