Avoiding the Christmas slump

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Christmas slump

As we all set our out of office email alerts and look forward to enjoying some hard-earned lie-ins and relaxation over the Christmas break, His & Hers looks at some simple ways to avoid feeling tired and lethargic during our time off, because no-one has time for the Christmas slump!

1.Look after your health

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Although many of us drink a little more than usual over Christmas, it’s worth aiming to drink plenty of water and pace your alcohol consumption this party season to avoid facing your family obligations with a hangover (which is never fun!) Also, aiming to ensure that you get plenty of sleep and some fresh fruit and veg in between all of the Christmas feasting will keep you feeling fresher and more energetic.

2. Get inspired

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If you enjoy sports, you may find that Christmas is the one time of year when you stop focusing on your fitness. Even if you can’t face a gruelling workout or training session while you’re off, stay inspired by reading about sporting legends. You’ll find plenty on this website for example. And even if you just make some time for a little light stretching, or a stroll, or even some vigorous house cleaning, try to do something to stay active every day so it’s not too difficult to get your exercise regime back on track in the New Year.

3. Get your running shoes on

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If you’re based in Merseyside, BTR Road Runnners are hosting a fun run on Seacombe Promenade on Sunday 29th December, which could provide the perfect opportunity to get get your heart rate up and get some exercise this Christmas. The Medal Muddle 5K on 29th December is being staged in memory of popular Wirral runner Eddy Mountford. The Medal Muddle 5K run series in Wirral has been hailed a runaway success for its work to raise money for charity, support new runners, and help reduce waste from major running events. The 5K fun run starts at 11am on Seacombe Promenade by the ferry terminal. Entry is £10 and includes a medal and T-shirt for finishers. There is also a 1K fun run at 10.45am, entry is £2 and includes a medal. Entries will be taken on the day. There is no lower age limit, but youngsters must be accompanied. All running abilities welcome. For full details, visit https://www.btrliverpool.com/medalmuddle

4. Take time out

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As Christmas approaches, we can find ourselves feeling under pressure to make the festive period perfect for our loved ones. From saying yes to every invite to spending more on presents than you’d planned, the pressure can mount up surprisingly rapidly during this time of the year. If you’re feeling sad, stressed or overwhelmed, don’t feel guilty about taking a little time for yourself during the Christmas break.

5. Enjoy life’s simple pleasures

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It can be tempting to imagine at Christmas that everyone else is living their best life with their picture perfect families while you’re juggling bills, shopping and a host of seasonal stresses. If the big moments aren’t going quite as well as you’d like, try to focus on the simple things that make you smile – from the scent of fresh bedding to savouring a perfectly brewed cup of coffee. Sometimes those little everyday luxuries really can make a difference.

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