Liverpool’s Chy Chinese restaurant group launches home delivery service in response to social distancing guidelines

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Chy Chinese Restaurant

Chy opened its first restaurant ten years ago. To thrive on Lark Lane, the cuisine needs to be pretty damn good, because the competition is fierce. One reason why people normally flock to Lark Lane is to enjoy good food. We go to watch Liverpool hopefully win, celebrate, and then wine and dine. We love the surrounding Bohemian vibe too.

WORDS: Jean Hill

Chy impressed, prospered and opened up two more restaurants in the region. They employ traditional Chinese chefs, but whilst classically trained, there is a contemporary take on their dishes also.

Liverpool’s Chinese restaurant group has launched a home delivery service in the wake of new government social distancing guidelines. Chy has moved rapidly in response to Covid-19 to support its surrounding communities.

Chy Chinese Restaurant

Chy is a family owned business. It is now the city’s largest Chinese restaurant brand with additional restaurants on Renshaw Street in Liverpool and South Road in Waterloo.

The hospitality industry was much affected by Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s update on COVID-19. The government has recommended that the public avoid all pubs, clubs, restaurants and venues where people would usually socially gather. Closure has not been compulsory, yet for some people who need to isolate, there are alternatives to stir fry noodles or beans on toast!

The government also advised on social distancing measures and has given guidelines for people who need to self-isolate. Some will, in any case, choose to stay indoors as much as possible. So home delivery is an obvious solution, that means you can still enjoy your favourite food.

Chy can keep serving its local communities, whilst adhering to all hygiene and sanitation measures necessary, during this time.

Chy Liverpool manager, Kayleigh Wilson, said: “We’ve made the decision after yesterday’s announcement that all three Chy restaurants will remain open. We have a robust cleaning and hygiene routine in place and have decided to stay open for business to support our local communities. 

“The safety of our staff and guests has always been and remains paramount and so we have also gone a step further to launch a new home delivery service that will be available from all sites. 

With Mother’s Day coming up this weekend, we want to ensure that customers can enjoy a restaurant quality Chinese meal delivered directly to their door so that they can dine in the comfort of their own home. To order our customers simply need to give us a call. Our delivery service strives to be the very best in Liverpool.”

Customers can contact Chy by phone:

Chy Liverpool – 0151 708 7787

Chu Lark Lane – 0151 727 1122

Chy Waterloo – 0151 792 5094

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