Classic colour schemes to brighten up your bathroom

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At the centre of any design plan, you need to have a colour scheme in mind. While the bathroom has traditionally been quite a monochrome space, adding a touch of colour is becoming an increasingly popular way of brightening it up.

As a result of this growing trend, we decided to take a look at some classic colour schemes that would look great in a bathroom – read on for some inspiration.

Deep blues

bathroom with blue tiles

While bathrooms have traditionally been quite bright and clinical, this isn’t the most relaxing of approaches. Adding a touch of deep blue can make your bathroom feel deeper and more calming, while at the same time highlighting the brightness of the parts that are painted in a brighter shade.

Blues can also be reminiscent of aquatic environments – great for a room that’s essentially designed to facilitate various uses of water. Consider going with a turquoise or mediterranean blue, if you really want to be reminded of the sea.

Natural greens


The bathroom is meant to be a relaxing place, and more and more scientific studies are showing the health benefits and calming effects of spending time in natural environments. While we’re not suggesting you turn your bathroom into a forest, there are some steps you can take to imitate this kind of environment.

First, you can paint the space a natural shade of green. Get a colour chart and see which one you think would go best with the space; a lot of greens can really complement taps and trims in a matt finish – if you’re looking to change those as well, then now might be a good time.

Second, you can look into bringing some plants into the room. You can place a couple of bathroom-friendly succulents on the windowsill – they don’t require much watering, and given how much moisture they’ll be exposed to anyway, they’ll likely thrive.

Implementing your colour scheme

bathroom accessories

Some parts of bathroom maintenance require the assistance of a qualified plumber – changing the colour scheme is not one of them. Anyone can pick up a paintbrush and add a splash of colour – all you need is to do some careful preparation, remembering to place dust sheets strategically so you don’t have a horrid clean up job later.

In addition to painting the ceiling and walls, you can consider getting new, stylish bathroom wall panels. They’re easier to install than tiles, cheaper per square metre, and easier to clean. You can get them in a variety of styles and colours, and they’ll be more suited to high-use areas such as showers and behind toilets than paint.

Remember, if you don’t like the colour scheme you go with, it’s not irreversible. Sit with it for a few months and if it still hasn’t grown on you by then, you can always repaint it.

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