Combat the January Blues by Creating a Cosy Home

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Facing January is never easy. The festive period has ended, the temperature has dipped further, and your bank balance might still be recovering from your Christmas shopping. However, with another national lockdown thrown at us, getting through the Monday of months may be more challenging this year than ever before. 

While we can’t turn to boozy night outs or spa days to lift our spirits, there are still many ways you can fight off the January blues. Since we’ll be spending most of this month in our own homes, giving it a refresh can help you maintain a positive mindset through the remainder of winter. Here are five ways you can modify your home to boost your mood.

Illuminate your home

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The short winter days make it difficult to get natural light exposure, which is a huge cause of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). If you can’t get outside when daylight is present, or you can’t bring yourself to brave the cold, keep your curtains open so it can stream through your house.

When you’re used to beams of sunshine waking you up during summer, having to rely on a noisy alarm through winter can be startling. For a gentler start to each day, invest in a light alarm which mimics natural daylight.

During the evening, bright overhead lighting can hinder your relaxation so instead, invest in lamps and fairy lights to create a cosy atmosphere.

Maximise warmth and comfort

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The weather outside might still be frightful, but that doesn’t mean your home has to be. Ensure your property is well-insulated to avoid draughts from seeping in and check whether your boiler functions correctly. 

Getting your boiler checked annually by a Gas Safe registered engineer will ensure it’s running efficiently and isn’t going to breakdown amid winter. During this service, the engineer will inform you of any faults and assess whether you’ll need a new boiler. The BOXT ‘find a boiler’ tool will identify which type of boiler is most suited to your property by asking you a few simple questions. 

Also, stock up on soft furnishings for when you just want to curl up on the sofa. Having cosy blankets, fluffy cushions, soft rugs, and a luxurious bedspread at home through winter is essential. 

Add personality to your walls


If all the walls are bare and plain white, your home might feel uninspiring. You can instantly add some life to your rooms by adding colour to your walls, whether that’s through paint or wallpaper.

All colours can evoke different emotions so carefully consider your scheme and whether the chosen hues will complement the desired atmosphere. For example, blue can induce calming emotions but also make you feel cold, whereas yellow is an energising colour associated with summer and happiness. 

If you’re living in rented accommodation and can’t make any drastic changes to your home, consider filling this wall space with artwork. Instead of selecting generic pieces, you could buy original art from independent artists that will help you feel creative, motivated, and joyous.

Choose uplifting home scents


Smells can have a powerful influence on our moods, without you even realising. Here are some scents that could be invaluable in preventing the winter blues:

· Lemon can improve concentration levels and help you feel calm.

· Jasmine can promote confidence and positivity, increase your energy levels, and calm nerves. 

· Lavender soothes stress and nerves. 

· Rosemary can combat mental fatigue and improve your memory. 

· Peppermint can encourage concentration and help you feel energised.  

There are various ways to create aromas in your home, including candles, reed diffusers, freshly cut flowers, and air fresheners.   

Bring nature indoors


The presence of plants in your home can help you feel calm, optimistic, and creative. Previous reports have also suggested that plants can strengthen memory and concentration levels. 

Nurturing your plants and witnessing their growth can provide a feeling of satisfaction, which is often a great mood-booster. As well as this, it reminds you to look after yourself. 

January will always be a difficult month, but you can help yourself get through it by transforming your home into a relaxing oasis that’s perfect for hibernation. 

We’re very proud to bring you this feature in association with BOXT. For more inspiration for your home, please pay a visit to our interiors page.

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