Common Extension Mistakes To Avoid

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Building an extension is an exciting project, that will deliver extra space in your home without having to move. However, it can also be easy to get an extension very wrong and make mistakes that make the project more stressful, expensive, and time-consuming. Here are some common mistakes to avoid.

Not Having Detailed Plans Drawn Up

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Good design relies on plans that clearly detail all the elements the builder will work from, from the size of the window openings to the building supplies you use. The more details that are on the drawings, the less chance there is of things going wrong. 

It’s very important to have good plans drawn up. The better the plans are, the better the plans can communicate what you want to be done to a third party, such as your builder or kitchen designer. Bad plans will leave a lot up to integration, and misunderstanding on what can be produced. 

Forgetting To Factor In The Boiler

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A larger home means more work for your boiler, and your current one may not have the capacity to handle that. 

When building an extension, a lot of homeowners assume that their existing boiler will be able to heat a larger home, as effectively as it does the existing space they have. 

In fact, boilers can only supply a finite amount of heat. This means that with a larger extension, you might need to upgrade your boiler. Work this out and budget for it before you start building. 

Not Knowing Which Is The Best Extension Type For You


When you’re deciding how best to extend your home, think carefully through all the options. In most cases, local governments will allow a wraparound extension, but this can vary between different councils. In many cases, the requirement is often to have a reduced wall height against your boundary wall, so this kind of extension can be an ideal choice if you have a terraced property with a side return space. A wrap-around extension will be more expensive than a rear extension, but you will get a much bigger space to enjoy. Remember that value per square metre is much better. 

Choosing A Builder Based On A Low Estimate

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Remember that if something seems too good to be true, it probably is. 

When you’re choosing a builder, it can be very tempting to accept the lowest quote you’re given, but remember that a builder who seems cheap might not know what they’re doing or how to price a job properly, might be a cowboy builder who will do a bad job and cut corners, or could be the type to keep finding extra add-on costs to drive up that seemingly low price. 

To avoid making these mistakes, always get at least three quotes so you know what is fair to pay, and learn the signs of an untrustworthy builder who will do shoddy work so you can make sure you can avoid them. Cheaper often doesn’t mean better. 

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