His & Hers interior design focus: What is a composite door?

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Regular readers of His & Hers’ interiors blogs will know that we’re always keen to stay abreast of the latest trends and design innovations to keep our homes looking at their best.

Some innovations are hard to miss – like robot vacuums, which have been widely featured for years. However, there are some new options for your home which have arrived without fanfare, yet have the potential to enhance the way your house looks and functions. One such relatively recent arrival which is well worth knowing about is the ultra-resilient composite door.

What are composite doors and why should we care?

Composite doors are constructed from a mix of materials, unlike uPVC or timber doors, and tend to be stronger, provide better insulation and have superior acoustic properties. And as they’re more durable than the average door, they’re likely to have a long life span of up to 30 years.

Family run Manchester based business, Droylsden Glass offers many different doors, and they’re known for their large range of composite entrance doors. As mentioned, composite doors are made from layers of tested materials to make them one of the strongest entrance door types on the market

Home security is always important to any home owner, so the strength of modern composite doors for your home tends to be a real selling point. Droylsden Glass says: “Comprised of a Glass Reinforced Plastic exterior and a polyurethane core, composite doors keep your home incredibly warm and secure and look great whilst doing so.

“With energy prices continually rising, it’s important to be able to cut expenditure in this area if possible. Well, thanks to their incredibly dense cores, the insulating qualities of our composite doors is nothing short of fantastic, meaning you can do just that. Plus, they’re one of the most secure entrance doors on the market. It’s no wonder composite doors have emerged as the most popular entrance door in the UK in recent years.”

If you’re planning to replace an old door, it could be well worth considering a modern composite door as a long-lasting and secure replacement. Plus, with a range of styles available, if you have a period property, you won’t struggle to find a traditional style that’ll sit well with your home’s architectural style.

We’re very proud to bring you this feature in association with Droylsden Glass. If you’re currently working on any home renovations, we’d love to hear from you. Please tell us all about your renovation project (especially how you’ve chosen to replace an old door) in the comments section below. For more property-related inspiration, please pay a visit to our regularly updated interiors page.

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