His & Hers’ top conservatory make-over ideas

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conservatory make-over

As we head into the New Year, many of us will be planning to give our homes a little much-needed T.L.C in 2019. This could take the form of a big January de-clutter, or it could entail focusing on a particular area of the home that’s been neglected over the past 12-months and giving it a bit of a make-over.

For example, if you have a conservatory, it may have gone from being one of your favourite areas of the home to spend time in to being a forgotten space where you find yourself dumping your belongings. If you’d like to make your conservatory feel like new again, here are a few simple His & Hers make-over ideas…

Consider enlisting the experts

If your conservatory needs more than a good tidy up and a fresh lick of paint to look its best, it could be time to involve the experts. For example, if you’re thinking about upgrading your conservatory in Essex, Double Glazing Essex offer conservatory refurbishments that not only make this extra space look like new but also help you to save money on your energy/heating costs. So if you want to transform your conservatory from a draughty, forgotten space into a warm, welcoming hideaway, they could be the people to call. (They’ve also been featured on DIY SOS, so you know they’re no strangers to transforming unloved spaces!)

Update your decor   

If you’re conservatory’s in good condition, but it’s still starting to look a bit tired, simply tidying up the paint-work where needed and potentially investing in some new blinds could well be the answer. And if you feel like the blinds and paintwork are bearing up quite well, even investing in some new cushions (or cushion covers), a few candles and perhaps some low-level lighting could all add those finishing touches that help make a space enticing again.

Make sure your conservatory’s water tight

If you have an older conservatory, you may have been putting off dealing with a leaking roof. However, as soon as you can afford to, it’s always worth tackling leaks before they lead to bigger issues. Consider investing in new tiled conservatory roofs for older conservatories that are beginning to let the rain in. His & Hers is pretty confident that once your conservatory is no longer damp, it’ll suddenly feel a lot more inviting all year round!

Incorporate your hobbies into the design of the space

If all of the fundamentals are right and you still aren’t spending time in your conservatory, it could be that the space simply isn’t designed to suit your lifestyle. If this is the case, have a think about the activities you love and see if you could tailor the space to suit your hobbies. For example, is there enough space for a yoga mat, so you can enjoy your yoga practice in the warmth of the conservatory when it’s too cold to take your yoga mat outside? Or if you love curling up with a good book, why not have a book shelf and a nice sofa in the conservatory? Making this kind of simple change could make your conservatory feel much more relevant to your day-to-day activities.We’re very proud to bring you this feature in association with Double Glazing Essex. For more inspiration for your home, please pay a visit to our interiors page.

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