Cool Gifts For Cool Couples

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Although you might not want to start wearing matching jumpers (unless it is Christmas!) you might like to have an item or two that matches your partner. In most cases, the gifts are labelled as his and hers, but they can suit any couple. 

Decanter and Glasses


For the couple that loves to sit down to a warm cosy fire, and have a drink or two, a decanter and glasses are ideal. If you buy from a shop that can personalise the bottle and the glasses, that is even better. The etching can look incredibly elegant, and a decanter makes a great piece of decor in the home. 

You can find decanters and glasses for any type of alcohol. 


woman in a robe

There isn’t much as enjoyable as going to a hotel, slinging on the thick, plush bathrobe and relaxing. You can help your favourite couple to have that experience at home by giving them matching bathrobes. 

The best thing about it is that they don’t need to match in colour, so as long as the materials are the same, they will look great together. Go the extra mile and have their initials embroidered on, too – for some extra luxury. 



Perhaps you want to kick the luxury levels up a notch – in which case matching watches should be on your radar. There are a lot of different styles of watches available, but if you want to go for luxury and the occasional warrants it, then buy a Rolex for each of them. 

Watches are a beautiful gift because they are a timeless classic – and when you get the style right, they go with everything. 


couple cooking

If you are lucky enough to know a couple that simply cannot get enough of cooking up a storm (and you get to enjoy the tasty treats), then matching aprons is a great option. Try to opt for an apron that has some pockets or at least a hoop to hang a cloth so they can wipe their hands as they go. 

Keep in mind that you can get different aprons for different types of home cooks, including heavy leather ones that are perfect for BBQers. 

Mugs or Cups


For the couple who can’t start the day without a perfectly prepared coffee, a matching set of high-end mugs or cups might just be the ideal treat. The great thing about these is that if you get the right shape and design, they are going to be used every day – and might even become that cup or mug they have to use in the mornings! 

Pay attention to the decor that they have and the type of coffee that they drink because different cups or mugs work better for different coffees. For example, an espresso drinker doesn’t need a giant mug. 



There are couples that want to be out and socialising all day and all night, and there are others who want a warm blanket, Netflix and snacks. If you want to add some extra treats to matching blankets, throw in a gift card for their favourite takeout! 

If you only have one person to buy for, here is a guide to help: 4 Different Gifts for Someone Special

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