Cosy Countryside Christmas destinations to escape the city rush

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Carew Castle

Packed grocery stores, busy city centres and stressful shopping are unfortunately part of Christmastime for many of us. This can be particularly nerve-racking if you have children to look out for, as well as a demanding job, which can make you feel exhausted, especially just before the holidays. For a much deserved break you should therefore consider escaping the fat-paced city life for a few days and experience a magical Christmastime on the countryside.

Winter break in Hertford


The City of London is always busy, but more so at Christmastime. In order to escape this, many choose to take the train from Moorgate to Hertford North with Great Northern Rail for a well-deserved break on the countryside. Visitors particularly love browsing the independent shops with lovely display windows, as well as spending the day outside at the river. Hertford is a small, but beautiful city and one of the most popular destinations for many people living in London.

Relaxing in Harrogate


As the gateway to the Yorkshire Dales, this spa town offers modern entertainment and dining alongside traditional tearooms and Edwardian architecture. With a rich history and well-preserved cultural heritage, Harrogate is an oasis for the Yorkshire elite. Flower shows and afternoon tea are among the great British traditions maintained in this spa town, which also has a renowned convention centre and numerous entertainment options. Convince yourself of the tranquillity in the gardens and spa centres of this green city.

After a tour of Harrogate city centre, rest your tired feet in the Harrogate Turkish baths and feast your eyes on the mosaic floor and the Moorish installations. Soak in the thermal waters of these restored late Victorian baths. In winter, the huge Harrogate Convention Centre offers refuge from freezing weather and snowstorms. Plays, stand-up comedies and other appearances are presented in the various auditoriums. The main hall is the Royal Hall. Chandeliers and golden balconies adorn the top of this Edwardian-style grandeur.

Beautiful walking routes on the outskirts of Wales


No matter what time of the year it is, places like Llynnau Mymbyr, which is two lakes in Snowdonia, will always be a desired holiday destination for many families. Here you can experience the calm and slow-paced life on the countryside in its fullest. After a two-mile walk around the lakes you can warm up in local pubs with traditional food and drinks and enjoy the picturesque view from the cosy inside.

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