Creating a home office in your garden shed

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As more people than ever have found themselves working from home this year during the UK lockdowns, His & Hers takes a look at how to create the ultimate home office in your garden shed.

Once, preparing for a day’s work at this time of year meant setting the alarm and heading out into the cold and hoping for a not-too-stressful commute to the office. Today, for many of us, it simply means putting the kettle on and strolling over to the laptop.

With many of us planning to stick with working from home for the longer term, having a good home office set-up has gone from being desirable to being essential. According to London estate agents, Dexters, home office space and a garden have shot up the list of property “must haves” since the first UK lockdown.

If you’ve struggled to find enough space to create a home office within the home (or you’re seeking a quiet space to work without being disrupted by your family), you could find that creating an office shed is the perfect way to carve out a quiet space to work.

The above images are from the Solid Sheds website

One of the benefits of garden office sheds is that, although many of us have appreciated the convenience of working from home, sometimes you do want to create a separation between your work and home life. For example, if you’ve just finished a long, stressful day of working from your home office within your bedroom, it can be hard to view this same space as a relaxing sanctuary at the end of the day when you’re ready for bed. Also, if your partner is also working from home, you may both want to have your own quiet work spaces, so that you’re not distracted by each other’s calls or Zoom meetings.

If you have enough space in your garden for a shed, you can create a dedicated office space away from any household clutter that could distract you (this also makes it less likely that you’ll be tempted to procrastinate by completing household tasks like cleaning the fridge or sorting through the laundry when a work deadline looms!)

If you’re looking for some design inspiration, Pinterest features lots of different garden sheds that have been transformed into stylish and cosy home offices. Also, we know we’re not the only magazine talking about home offices at the moment, so it’s worth taking a look at your favourite homes and gardens magazines for some serious inspiration.

If you know you’re likely to be working from home for a long time, you may not be able to create your dream home office overnight, but once you have the essentials, such as a good quality desk and ergonomic chair, you could create a budget to add in details that you know you’ll appreciate over time.

We’re very proud to bring you this feature in association with Solid Sheds. The garden sheds are theirs, but the words are all our own.     

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