Creating the Perfect Bedroom for a Good Night’s Sleep

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It’s recommended that every adult gets eight hour’s sleep every night. This advice isn’t simply given for the sake of it. Eight hours sleep is essential for your health and wellbeing! It allows your body to repair itself and recover, while it allows your mind to sift through information taken in during the day and form memories. When it comes down to it, everyone feels better after a good night’s rest. Tossing and turning for hours is exhausting and can leave you feeling irritable and drained the next day. So, what can you do to achieve this goal of eight hours? Well, there are many steps you can take! You can cut out caffeine, you can put down devices before going to bed, you can practice mindfulness and meditation – the list goes on. But one major factor that will impact the quality of your rest is your bedroom. Having a comfortable space to sleep in really can make all the difference. Here are a few ways you can achieve this!

Investing in a Good Quality Bedding

People tend to underestimate the impact that bedding can have on the quality of their sleep. But when it comes down to it, comfortable bedding can get you off to the land of nod before you know it! Rather than simply focusing on aesthetics and how different bed sets look, also focus on fabric, breathability, softness and other factors that will make you want to snuggle up in your sheets. Browse hotel quality bedding from Richard Haworth. This is a great place to start out and could provide you with the bedding of your dreams!

Richard Haworth bedding
Pictured: Richard Haworth bedding

Make Sure You Can Block Light Out

Some of us can sleep in broad daylight. But the vast majority of us need a dark environment to sleep soundly. There is a logical reason behind this. Natural light regulates our sleep cycles. Bright light keeps us awake and alerts us, ready for the day ahead. A lack of light encourages us to wind down and get to sleep. It’s important to make sure natural light can be blocked out of your bedroom as and when you need to rest. The most simple and straightforward way to achieve this is to invest in black out blinds. These will block out daylight as the sun rises, street lights at night and any other form of outdoor light that could be keeping you awake!


It’s important that your room isn’t cluttered. Piles of belongings can make your room feel overwhelming and invoke feelings of claustrophobia. So, have a good clear out. Donate, recycle or sell any belongings you don’t need and the rest comfortably in your new, tidy bedroom!

These are just a few simple tips and tricks that you can implement into your lifestyle to give yourself the best night’s sleep possible every time you go to bed. Your bedroom really should be a peaceful haven that encourages rest and relaxation. The above tips should help you to achieve this!

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