Design Details: Choosing the ideal hard-wearing flooring

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If you’re choosing flooring for a business or a hard-wearing area of the home, such as the entrance hallway, it’s important to look for an option that’s practical as well as stylish.

Most of us have probably chosen a flooring type that looked great in the showroom, but didn’t age well at one time or another. So particularly if you’re looking for new flooring options for a business, His & Hers would advise thinking about how different materials would be likely to look after several years of wear and tear.

We’ve shared a few tips on finding the right flooring for you below…

  1. Look online. If you’ve been meaning to update your flooring for ages, but never quite get round for it, simply start by searching for what you want, such as: resin flooring warwick, online. Even a quick browse online will give you the opportunity to compare prices for different flooring types, and will get you one step closer to ticking updating your flooring off your to do list!
  2. Work out your budget. At the risk of stating the obvious, before you fall in love with a particular flooring type, it’s a good idea to measure up the space and work out how much it would cost for the flooring materials, and, if you won’t be fitting the new floor yourself, you’ll need to allow for installation costs, too.
  3. Think about your overall design scheme. Admittedly, we’ve focused a lot on the practicalities so far, but of course a big part of finding the most suitable flooring for your project is ensuring that it will match the paint, wallpaper, fabrics and furniture. If you’re not entirely sure that the shade of the flooring you like will be a good match for your design scheme, request a small sample if possible so you can place it alongside paint, fabric or wallpaper samples.
  4. Pay attention to what works for similar homes or businesses. Whether you like the carpets in a friend’s home, or think the flooring you noticed at a hotel, office or bar might be perfect for your business, it’s worth making a mental note of any flooring styles you like. Also, it could be worth asking where other people sourced their flooring from.
  5. Start looking for design inspiration. Whether it’s by browsing online, visiting showrooms or buying a few interior design magazines, if you don’t know what type of flooring you’d like and are feeling in need of a little inspiration, you could start gathering pictures of all the flooring styles you like, from Pinterest, TikTok or Instagram or your favourite magazines.  
  6. Think about how you’ll maintain the flooring. If you’ve chosen an option like a cream carpet that’s likely to need a lot of maintenance, it’s worth thinking about how you’ll tackle this in the future. For example, will you budget for professional carpet cleaning, or could buying your own carpet cleaner be a better option? You may also want to add cleaning and maintenance costs to your flooring budget.

We’re very proud to bring you this feature in association with Impact Flooring Services. The words are ours, but they’re the inspiration for the feature.

For more design inspiration for your home or business, please pay a visit to our interiors page.

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