Dhuma Indian Restaurant, that offers a taste of the sub-continent, in Moreton

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A new independent Indian restaurant has launched on The Wirral. The first thing that impresses is the beautiful artwork adorning the walls, created by local artist Danny O’Connor.  This is an altogether elegant and comfortable space. Mahfuz Rahman, the owner spoke about the ambitious plans for the new restaurant. 

“We have put together a team who we really believe are destined for great things. Combined, we have too many years to mention in the hospitality industry…We are far from old – we just started out young! And now, from award winning restaurateurs, international chefs and highly trained, vastly experienced front of house team…We believe we have (something) special here.”

Head Chef, Salami Abdul, has relocated from London, where he worked at the high end restaurants of Mayfair, Notting Hill and Fulham. He, memorably, has cooked with Gordon Ramsay. “I have worked with a lot of amazing chefs all over the world. Just because someone is high profile, it doesn’t mean they are better than others. I have worked in a wide range of restaurants cooking different types of cuisine. My style of cooking is rather unique and the ideas that Sam has for Dhuma matched my own ambition. So we are all very excited about what is to come.”

Dhuma will not only be home to top quality Indian cuisine with signature dishes created from scratch. There will also be a number of vegan, vegetarian and gluten free dishes on offer. The aim is to cater for all tastes, as well as deliver a thoughtfully creative cocktail menu. A number of flavoured gins and gin served with fresh fruit and edible flowers sound delightful. In terms of beer, expect the usual Kingfisher/Cobra Indian Lager as well as locally brewed Love Lane IPA.

Dhuma intends to deliver vintage Indian cuisine, with spices are hand-picked, dried and grounded in the restaurant kitchen, to give food its unique flavour. Nun-er Pitha is a snack served to guests in Bangladeshi homes, rice flour fritters with garlic, ginger and onion paste and turmeric. Bhel Puri is a combination of crispy chickpea flour noodles, spiced potato, puffed rice, garnished with tomato, coriander and a sweet and sour dressing of yogurt and tamarind chutney. If seafood floats your boat, try King Prawn Puri: a spicy bhuna curry or Tandoori salmon. There are many chicken dishes on offer: Pakora, Murgh Jalfraize, and Jal Tenga, which is hot, fragrant, with lemon, chilli, coriander and curry leaves.

In addition there is a specialist burger menu. Shami burger, minced meat, garnished with, in house, chutney, served with deep fried spice dusted Bengal chipped potato is a classic. There are also vegetarian options. All this and saffron scented, spice tempered Basmati Pilau rice.

Exciting times.

Tel: 0151 6775366


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